What is the Longest a Personal Injury Claim Can Take? 

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What is the Longest a Personal Injury Claim Can Take? 

Any reasonable individual who does not intend to waste their resources or their time desires to win a personal injury claim as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the duration of the case does not always meet expectations, according to Bojat Law Group. If you want to find out what the longest a personal injury claim can take, we invite you to consult the lines below.

The Circumstances

Bojat Law Group states that the longevity of the procedure depends on the complexity of a peculiar case. Namely, the more complicated the situation, the harder it would be to recreate it and analyze it during court sessions.

If we compare a minor car crash with no injuries to one with a fatal outcome, we should conclude that it would be frivolous to expect that the court settlements last equally. Thus, the type of injury and the series of events that lead to the incident, as well as the time necessary for gathering relevant evidence, impacts the timeframe.

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Legal Support

If you intend on doing everything on your own steam, the chances you will unnecessarily prolong the procedure are major. Thus, we urge you not to waste your time and money but seek legal support as soon as possible. Bojat Law Group warns that the injured should focus on acquiring the support of a professional who specializes in personal injury claims, rather than hiring the first lawyer they stumble upon searching the web.

Injury Level

Not all injuries are equal, likewise, their severity impacts the duration of court proceedings due to practical reasons. The catch lies that some injuries tend to evolve into something more serious than the initial examination might suggest.

Bojat Law Group underlines that an attorney can do the hard work on your behalf even if you are unfit to attend the trials, in case you want to speed up the process and receive potential compensation as quickly as possible.

Lack of Evidence

This factor is basically self-explanatory since one cannot be compensated for the injury unless there are tangible means of proving their claims. For that reason, it is of utter importance to accept your legal representative’s guidance and make sure you follow the steps that should ensure you strengthen your case.

The aforementioned implies safeguarding relevant documentation, medical bills, official statements, and photo/video evidence from the scene of the crash. On one hand, it might be hard to obtain everything necessary on your own, but on the other, it is hard to expect others to do the hard work for you. That is why you must communicate with your lawyer frequently.

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Court Busyness

Courts are busy places, so the longevity of a particular case depends on how many other similar proceedings are ongoing at the time speaking. Working with a competent legal representative might speed up the procedure since their experience should have learned them when and what shortcuts to take.

When we consider that personal injury claims can take from several months to more than 5 years, it should be obvious why it is hard to give a precise answer to the questionnaire from the beginning of the article. Fortunately, the aforementioned factors should help you shorten the necessary time as much as possible if applied efficiently.