What Is Satoori?

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what is satoori

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What Is Satoori?

Satoori, also known as regional dialects, are unique variations of the Korean language that are spoken in specific regions of South Korea. Similar to how different regions of the United States have distinct accents and vocabularies, Satoori reflects the cultural and linguistic diversity of Korea’s different regions.

History Of Satoori

The Korean language has a long history of regional dialects that date back to the Three Kingdoms Period (57 BC – 668 AD). As Korea became unified under the Goryeo Dynasty (918–1392), the language gradually standardized, but regional dialects remained. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392–1897), Satoori became more prevalent as regional differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar emerged.

Types Of Satoori

There are numerous regional dialects in Korea, with some of the most notable being:

  • Seoul Satoori: As the capital of South Korea, Seoul Satoori is considered the standard dialect and is spoken by the majority of Koreans. It is known for its flat intonation and use of honorifics.
  • Gyeongsang Satoori: This dialect is spoken in the southeastern part of the country, including Busan and Daegu. It is known for its rapid speech and unique intonation.
  • Jeolla Satoori: This dialect is spoken in the southwestern part of Korea, including Jeonju and Gwangju. It is known for its soft and gentle intonation.
  • Chungcheong Satoori: This dialect is spoken in the central part of the country, including Daejeon and Cheongju. It is known for its slow and deliberate speech.

Significance Of Satoori

Satoori is an important part of Korea’s cultural heritage and reflects the country’s regional identity. While there is a standard Korean language used in official documents and media, Satoori is still widely spoken in daily life and is often used to express humor, affection, and regional pride. Satoori also plays a role in literature, film, and music, as artists often incorporate regional dialects into their work to add authenticity and local flavor.


Satoori is a fascinating aspect of Korean culture and reflects the country’s regional diversity and linguistic heritage. While Korea has a standardized language, Satoori remains an important part of daily life and is celebrated in literature, film, and music. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply interested in Korean culture, learning about Satoori is a great way to deepen your understanding of this fascinating country.

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What Does Satoori Mean?

regional dialect

사투리 (satoori) is the Korean word for “regional dialect.” It’s a set of words, phrases, grammar, and pronunciation patterns unique to a specific region of Korea. This is a useful Korean word to learn, especially when you travel throughout the country.

What Is The Busan Satoori Accent?

Busanians speak with not just their own accent but in their own dialect, or saturi (사투리), which at its richest can leave Korean-speakers — even native Korean-speakers — accustomed to the relatively clear version of the language spoken in Seoul in a state of incomprehension.

What Is The Strongest Dialect In Korea?

1 – Jeju dialect is perhaps the most difficult dialect in South Korea, since it has its own language. 

2 – They tend to combine words at the end of a sentence.

Is Busan And Daegu Satoori Same?

The main difference between Busan and Daegu is which part of a word is given an accent. In Busan, the accent generally falls on the back syllable. While in Daegu the accent is on the front syllable. For example, take the word sister (언니).


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