What Is Ottawa Famous For?

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What Is Ottawa Famous For?

Ottawa, pronounced Odawa, is the Capital of Canada and is located in Ontario. It is named after its indigenous people the Odawa that occupied the land before the arrival of British and French settlers in the early 1600s. The Odawa were very close to the Algonquin and they called the river the Ichi Sibi which means “great river”. There are a number of reasons why Ottawa is a desirable city to live in. From the city’s dedication to the arts to the national parks, let’s discover more about this Canadian treasure.


Many are aware of the overly polite ways of the Canadians and Ottawa is no different. Canada takes pride in their kindness and brotherly love of their fellow man. It is one of the best reasons to live in Ottawa by far. 

You may find that the citizens of Ottawa are apologizing in English and in French. This city has a lot of bilingual elements due to the heritage of the first French settlers. Quebec has the most French-speaking Canadian settlers and many of the French-speaking natives travel to and from the capital city. 

The Rideau Canal is another fascinating part of Canadian Culture. The Rideau Canal is the oldest operating canal in North America. It is one of the 25 registered national historic places in the city of Ottawa. It is perfect for ice skating in the cold winters of Canada.

Additionally, you have The National Gallery of Canada, the Canadian Museum of History, and the Canadian War Museum. These are just a scratch on the surface of all the city has to offer.


With the Universities and colleges that are all over the city, it’s no wonder that the population is considered one of the most educated among Canadian Provinces. The University of Ottawa is a highly sought-after secondary school with only a 13% acceptance rate.

The standard public education system is not far behind with its educational expectations. Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is the largest in Canada with over 150 schools. OCDSB also has 2 student trustees on the board that are elected by their fellow classmates. 

There are also a lot of opportunities for adult citizens to gain further education or finish their high school careers. There is The Independent Learning Center that offers accredited courses online and for free.

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The Arts and Entertainment

The National Gallery of Canada holds over 93,000 different works and this includes the Maman which is architectural art on the grounds of the Gallery. It is a statue of a spider that is about 30 feet tall. 

In addition to this, there is Parliament Hall and the ByWard Market. These areas are the hub of all the action in the city. The ByWard Market has fresh produce, local shops, and plenty of maple syrup and beaver tails. 

BeaverTails are a very popular snack made with stretched dough and sugar with additional sweet toppings. Beavers are an integral part of Canada as their fur was a primary staple in Canada’s trading. 

If you’re looking to check out Ottawa homes for sale be sure to check out the music scene of the city as well. It is home to the second-largest blues festival in North America, The Ottawa Blues Fest. The city also holds Escapade which is a huge electronica festival. Ultimately, if you love music and the arts, you’ll love Ottawa.

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