What is Durolane Injection?

Charlotte Miller

Osteoarthritis is an unfortunate condition that can cause significant discomfort to an individual and drastically change their lifestyle. One of the regions mainly affected by this condition is the knees, so it really impacts one’s ability to walk, run, and perform other basic daily activities. That’s why we would like to concentrate more on one of the most helpful solutions for this condition’s treatment – Durolane injections.

This hyaluronic acid-based brand can provide long-lasting results with just one treatment session, and that’s one of the main reasons why people choose it for joint pain relief. Durolane can only be used as a prescription medication after the consultation in a doctor’s office after going through all required medical tests. So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion and learn more about this outstanding option!

What Is a Durolane Injection?

Knee pain caused by osteoarthritis is an unfortunate condition that may significantly spoil one’s life quality. That’s why injectables like Durolane were created to cure knee osteoarthritis patients with the help of a few quick treatments.

Durolane is a product created by Bioventus – a famous worldwide manufacturer of orthopedic solutions. The product itself comes in the form of a gel-like substance (this effect is achieved thanks to hyaluronic acid included in its composition). This ingredient is a secret key to long-lasting OA knee pain relief, as it’s 100% biodegradable and is very similar to the liquid between the joints that prevents them from rubbing and causing unwanted discomfort.

We’d like to remind you that Durolane is a prescription medication, meaning it can only be administered in a doctor’s office by a knowledgeable medical professional. Those who want to spend less time seeking pain relief and improving their life quality need a single doctor visit every six to eight months to keep track of the improvement and alter the details in case the old scheme isn’t working for one’s needs anymore. As for the best Durolane cost, it’s better to see all the suppliers online and select those with a good reputation (like Ogomed). A physical therapy course is also recommended to achieve better results as an addition to the knee injection.

How Are Durolane and Osteoarthritis Related?

Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects joints, leading to cartilage breakdown and underlying bone collapse. This condition develops slowly and gradually, so it may be somewhat challenging to keep track of it properly and get diagnosed on time; regular checkups in the doctor’s office are important, so don’t ignore it and make your appointment today!

Osteoarthritis typically progresses in such regions as thumbs, fingers, knees, lower back, hips, neck, shoulders, and others. People usually feel mild pain in these areas, making it harder to deal with everyday tasks (which may eventually lead to disability), so being diagnosed on time is vital for one’s health and well-being in general. It’s also important to work on one’s lifestyle and add some changes to the everyday routine to ensure the body receives everything it needs to control the disease. Work on a special exercising practice, manage your diet, and don’t forget about prescribed medications; anything can be managed if you put enough dedication into it.

The average durability of a Durolane injection is 26 weeks; however, if the product is used regularly, its results can be extended, making this treatment for knee osteoarthritis longer-lasting compared to other options available on the market.

Primary Administration Rules for the Product

To ensure the effect of Durolane for knee osteoarthritis turns out as effective as expected, it’s vital to consult with a specialist about the process and discuss all the essentials with them. Besides the main indications and health history, another thing that should be mentioned is the correct administration technique for the brand.

First, you must remember that Durolane injections can only be performed by experienced medical professionals in the clinic and only if a patient has undergone all required examinations beforehand. This step is vital because a specialist must ensure that this medication is safe for an individual and won’t be the reason for any complications after the treatment. So, if you suffer from knee joint infection and blood circulation issues, you should consider other medicines for a positive experience in a clinic.

After all the treatment peculiarities are discussed, the process may begin. What are there basic steps of the Durolane injection?

  • Before the administration, the target area is disinfected, and a topical anesthetic is applied if a patient has low pain tolerance. Sometimes, excess fluid should be removed from the knee region to have Durolane administered safely;
  • Next, the gel is injected into the soft tissues of a previously defined region in one smooth motion;
  • Lastly, a doctor places a special bandage on the knee to help Durolane settle properly under the skin.

To ensure the recovery is non-problematic, a few rules must be followed. Ensure not to put much pressure on the treatment spot and eliminate strenuous activities for at least forty-eight hours after the procedure. To reduce swelling and general discomfort after the session, gently rub ice cubes on the treated knee to cool the area down; if the gel is correctly accepted by the body, all adverse reactions must disappear within a few days after the appointment. If not, contact a medical professional to discuss these problems and find the best solution for the issue.

What Can I Use Durolane for?

As you may have guessed after reading this article, Durolane is one of the best options for osteoarthritis knee pain treatment for those who cannot benefit from more traditional procedures (like physical therapy). For its maximum effectiveness, we highly recommend combining it with other positive alterations in one’s routine, such as a balanced diet, exercising, regular checkups in the doctor’s office, and other beneficial methods. Of course, ensuring patients don’t match with any contraindications before the treatment is vital to guarantee a safe and positive experience. Other than that, Durolane is an excellent brand many individuals can consider to improve their knee health.

To Sum Up the Topic

In conclusion, we can say that Durolane is an excellent option for treating knee osteoarthritis. It shows pretty good results, is affordable, and is safe, so it’s definitely worth considering. Discuss this topic with a doctor to create the best treatment plan for your particular needs!