What Is Ben Higgins Tattoo?

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What Is Ben Higgins Tattoo

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What Is Ben Higgins Tattoo?

Ben Higgins, a well-known personality from the popular reality TV show “The Bachelor,” has captivated audiences with his charming personality and heartfelt journey to find love. Among the many aspects that have intrigued fans is Ben Higgins’ tattoo, which holds personal significance to him. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Ben Higgins’ tattoo, uncover its meaning, and explore the story behind this permanent mark on his skin. So, let’s unravel the mystery and discover the significance of Ben Higgins’ tattoo!

The Background Of Ben Higgins

Before we delve into his tattoo, let’s provide a brief overview of Ben Higgins’ background. Ben Higgins rose to fame as the lead on Season 20 of “The Bachelor” in 2016, where he embarked on a quest to find true love among a group of eligible bachelorettes. His down-to-earth demeanor and genuine approach endeared him to fans worldwide.

Ben Higgins’ Tattoo

  1. Design and Placement: Ben Higgins’ tattoo is located on his left arm, specifically on the inside of his bicep. The tattoo features a simple and elegant design, consisting of three interconnected circles.
  2. Meaning and Symbolism: The three circles in Ben Higgins’ tattoo hold deep personal significance to him. Each circle represents an important aspect of his life—his faith, hope, and love.
  • Faith: The first circle symbolizes Ben’s unwavering faith, which serves as a guiding force in his life. It represents his spiritual beliefs and the importance of staying grounded and connected to his faith.
  • Hope: The second circle signifies hope, a vital element that fuels Ben’s optimism and resilience. It represents his belief in the power of positivity, the pursuit of dreams, and the possibility of a brighter future.
  • Love: The third circle embodies love, which plays a central role in Ben’s life. It represents his capacity for love, both in romantic relationships and in fostering meaningful connections with others.

The Personal Story Behind The Tattoo

The decision to get a tattoo is often deeply personal, and Ben Higgins’ tattoo is no exception. While the exact details of the inspiration behind the tattoo are known only to Ben himself, it is likely that his journey on “The Bachelor” played a role in its creation. Throughout the show, Ben explored themes of faith, hope, and love, as he navigated relationships and sought to find his soulmate.

Ben Higgins’ tattoo serves as a reminder of the lessons learned and the growth experienced during his time on “The Bachelor.” It represents the values that are important to him and serves as a constant reminder to stay true to himself and to the things that matter most in life.


Ben Higgins’ tattoo is a visible symbol of his personal journey and the core values that guide him. The interconnected circles representing faith, hope, and love serve as a reminder of the significance of these elements in his life. While the tattoo may have been inspired by his time on “The Bachelor,” it has become a permanent mark that represents Ben’s beliefs and serves as a reflection of his character.

As fans continue to follow Ben Higgins’ endeavors beyond his reality TV experience, his tattoo stands as a visual representation of his journey and the meaningful aspects that shape his life.

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Is Ben Higgins Religious?

He loves kids, the Chicago Cubs, and his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. And although you would never know it if you consume The Bachelor only through the show itself, he seems to be an evangelical Christian. Higgins’ faith is obvious to anyone who follows the wider universe of online Bachelor-alia.

Is Ben Higgins Married Yet?

Higgins began a relationship with Nashville resident Jessica Clarke in November 2018. They became engaged in March 2020 at Clarke’s home in Nashville, after Higgins’ initial proposal plans were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, and were married on November 13, 2021. They currently live in Denver, Colorado.

Who Is Ben Higgins Getting Married To?

Higgins proposed to Clarke in March 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee. “From my first date in life to the moments in between they all led me to getting down on one knee in front of you @jessclarke_,” he wrote at the time via Instagram. “This weekend I asked Jessica to give me the honor of being her partner for life.

Does Ben Higgins Have A Child?

Even though Ben and Jessica do not have any children at the moment, they do see their dog as a baby.


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