What Is A Slipmat?

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What Is A Slipmat

Are you curious to know what is a slipmat? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about a slipmat in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is a slipmat?

What Is A Slipmat?

A Slipmat is a circular piece of thin, slip-resistant material that is placed on top of a turntable platter. It is a crucial component of a DJ’s setup, as it helps control the vinyl record while it is spinning on the turntable.

The main purpose of a slipmat is to allow DJs to manipulate the record on the turntable without affecting its rotation speed. This allows them to perform various techniques, such as scratching, beatmatching, and pitch control, to create a unique and engaging performance.

Slipmats come in different materials and thicknesses, but the most commonly used material is felt. Some slipmats are designed for specific types of music or DJing styles, while others are made with special features, such as extra grip or increased durability.

One of the key benefits of using a slipmat is that it helps to protect the record from damage caused by direct contact between the needle and the vinyl. This is especially important for DJs who use records that are in less-than-perfect condition, as a slipmat can help prevent further wear and tear.

In conclusion, a slipmat is an essential tool for DJs, providing a crucial link between the turntable and the vinyl record. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, a slipmat is an investment that will pay off in terms of the quality and creativity of your performances.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Slipmat?

The true reason for a turntable slipmat is to allow the record to spin freely, so that a DJ can back cue a record to the precise spot they want a cut to begin (also done in the broadcast industries years ago) when transitioning from track to track.

Do I Need To Use A Slipmat?

For most turntables, we would not recommend putting a vinyl record directly onto the platter without the use of a mat. However, on higher-end turntables, you may find an acrylic platter. With an acrylic platter, you don’t need to use a separate slip mat. Just place the record directly on the platter.

Do You Leave Slipmat On Record Player?

The slip mat is required. You do not want the record on the bare platter. If the platter is metal, it will damage the album. If the platter is glass or acrylic, the album can slide around.

Do You Play Records With A Felt Mat?

Using a felt mat will help keep your records sounding fresher for longer, and prevent them from slipping while they spin so you never miss a beat. It’s a good idea to update your slipmat every couple of years as it starts to collect dust.

Can You Leave A Vinyl On The Record Player?

No, it shouldn’t damage (i.e., warp) your record. It might expose the record to more dust, etc., though.

What Is The Felt For On A Record Player?

Felt mats are not just used for home systems, but also by DJ’s as ‘slip mats’, designed to have less friction and make ‘scratching’ the record’s easier. When the DJ manipulates the record, the slip mat allows the platter underneath to continue rotating, and therefore not damage the turntable. 

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