What Is A Pusher In Tennis?

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Are you curious to know what is a pusher in tennis? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about a pusher in tennis in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is a pusher in tennis?

In the dynamic world of tennis, players come in various styles and strategies, each with their unique approach to the game. One such style is that of the “pusher.” While not as flashy or aggressive as some other tennis players, the pusher’s focus on consistency and defensive play makes them a formidable opponent on the court. In this blog, we’ll explore what a pusher is in tennis, their playing style, tactics, and the challenges they present to their opponents.

What Is A Pusher In Tennis?

A tennis pusher is a player who relies on a defensive and consistent style of play rather than an aggressive, attacking approach. Pushers prioritize getting the ball back over the net with consistency, using placement, depth, and accuracy to wear down their opponents. While they may not possess the power or flashy shots of other players, they compensate with their ability to extend rallies and capitalize on their opponent’s mistakes.

Key Characteristics Of A Tennis Pusher:

  1. Consistency: Pushers excel at making fewer unforced errors, keeping the ball in play for extended periods, and waiting for their opponents to make mistakes.
  2. Defensive Play: They often have strong defensive skills, including effective lobbing, slicing, and retrieving difficult shots to neutralize their opponent’s attacks.
  3. Strategic Placement: Pushers rely on placing the ball precisely on the court, exploiting their opponent’s weaknesses and forcing them into uncomfortable positions.
  4. Patience: They are willing to engage in long rallies, waiting for the right opportunity to attack or capitalize on their opponent’s impatience.
  5. Fitness: Pushers typically have excellent endurance and fitness levels, allowing them to maintain their consistent style throughout a match.

Tactics Of A Tennis Pusher

  1. Long Rallies: Pushers prefer to engage in extended rallies, making their opponents work hard for each point. They aim to frustrate opponents by returning shots that appear unreturnable.
  2. Variety of Shots: Pushers use a variety of shots, including slices, lobs, and topspin, to keep their opponents off balance and disrupt their rhythm.
  3. Smart Court Positioning: They position themselves well on the court, moving efficiently to retrieve shots and create angles for their returns.
  4. Patient Waiting: Pushers are patient players who wait for opportunities to exploit their opponent’s mistakes or weaknesses.

Challenges Faced By Opponents

Facing a tennis pusher can present several challenges for opponents:

  1. Frustration: Pushers’ ability to return shots consistently and extend rallies can frustrate opponents, leading to unforced errors and impulsive shot selections.
  2. Physical Demands: Engaging in long rallies can be physically taxing, especially if an opponent lacks the stamina to keep up.
  3. Mental Toughness: Pushers test their opponent’s mental toughness by forcing them to maintain focus and concentration throughout the match.
  4. Adaptability: Opponents may struggle to adapt to the slower pace and defensive style of a pusher, particularly if they are accustomed to more aggressive play.


The tennis pusher, with their consistent and defensive style of play, is a testament to the diversity of strategies in tennis. While they may not win matches with powerful serves or flashy winners, pushers rely on their tenacity, patience, and precision to wear down their opponents and capitalize on their mistakes. Playing against a pusher can be a true test of a player’s mental and physical abilities, requiring adaptability, patience, and strategic thinking to emerge victorious on the court.

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Is Djokovic A Pusher?

Djokovic started the Alcaraz match by “pushing”, but midway through the match he was dictating play and making carlito run a lot. The truth is that Djokovic is so versatile he can ball bash or he can play more defensively. He picks and chooses when to play each style.

How Do You Counter A Pusher?

The strategy is simple, Step 1) Hit a deep shot to the side of the court that the pusher is weaker on, most likely the backhand. This shot doesn’t need to be that powerful or out of the blue. Sometimes I’ll hit 3 or 4 shots in a row to the corner and wait for the one that seems the most disruptive to their shot.

Why Do I Lose To Pushers In Tennis?

Some people lose to pushers because they feed into their style. It’s not all about being better than you opponent. Lots of times its about how you match up against them. Better players lose to lesser players all the time.

How Do You Play Jail In Tennis?


Feed from the opposite side of the net. Each kid gets a certain number of chances to get a forehand or backhand into the doubles court. If she gets one in, she is safe. If not, she goes to jail: she goes to the other end of the court where she’ll try to catch a ball hit by another player.

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