What Is A Pancake In Football?

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What Is A Pancake In Football?

In the dynamic and strategic world of American football, the terminology used to describe plays, positions, and techniques can sometimes be quite colorful and even whimsical. One such term is the “pancake block,” which might evoke images of breakfast but has a very different meaning in the context of football. In this blog, we’ll explore what a pancake block is, its significance on the field, and why it’s considered a powerful move in the sport.

What Is A Pancake Block?

A pancake block in football is a block executed by an offensive lineman to completely and decisively block or “pancake” a defensive player, usually a defensive lineman, linebacker, or even a cornerback. The term “pancake” comes from the idea that the blocker essentially flattens the defender, much like a pancake being squished.

Key Aspects Of A Pancake Block:

  1. Physicality: A pancake block requires the offensive lineman to use their size, strength, and leverage to overpower the defender and put them on the ground. It’s a display of physical dominance on the field.
  2. Technique: Proper technique is essential for a successful pancake block. This includes getting low, driving through the defender, and maintaining control throughout the block.
  3. Impact: A well-executed pancake block can have a significant impact on the play. It can create a clear path for a ball carrier or protect the quarterback from a sack.
  4. Notable Moments: Pancake blocks are often celebrated moments in football, and offensive linemen take pride in delivering them. They can be game-changing and energize the team and fans alike.

Significance Of The Pancake Block:

  1. Line of Scrimmage Dominance: Pancake blocks are a demonstration of control at the line of scrimmage. They can open up running lanes for the ball carrier or give the quarterback more time to make a pass.
  2. Momentum Shift: A pancake block can be a turning point in a game. It can boost the morale of the offensive line, inspire the team, and deflate the defense.
  3. Highlight Reels: Pancake blocks often make their way into highlight reels and game recaps, showcasing the physical prowess of the offensive lineman and the importance of strong blocking in football.
  4. Recruitment and Recognition: Impressive pancake blocks can bring recognition to offensive linemen, potentially leading to college scholarships and professional opportunities.

Examples Of Pancake Blocks:

  1. Clearing Running Lanes: An offensive lineman might execute a pancake block by driving a defender to the ground, creating a wide-open lane for the running back to sprint through.
  2. Protecting the Quarterback: In pass protection, a lineman could pancake a blitzing linebacker, preventing them from reaching the quarterback and giving them more time to make a throw.
  3. Downfield Blocks: Sometimes, offensive linemen continue blocking downfield after the initial engagement, pancaking defenders and helping extend a play.


The pancake block in football is a visually striking and physically impressive move executed by offensive linemen to assert dominance and create opportunities for their team. It’s a testament to the importance of blocking in the sport and the significant impact a well-executed block can have on a game. While the term may be playful and breakfast-themed, the results on the football field are anything but trivial, making the pancake block a celebrated and powerful maneuver in American football.

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What Is A Pancake Run In Football?

Given the lack of official measures of the offensive line performance, it is not surprising that unofficial measures periodically crop up; the most famous being the “pancake block.” Pancake blocks occur when a blocker overwhelms a defender and puts him on his back, bringing feelings of triumph to the offensive lineman …

What Is A Pancake In Sports?

A pancake block is the term used by offensive linemen and their coaches to describe a block that leaves a defensive player flat on his back, creating a gaping hole for a ballcarrier to run through.

Is Pancake Legal In Football?

In American football, “Pancaking” an opponent constitutes Blocking him below the waste in an attempt to keep him from Tackling the player with the ball. Yes it is legal, and if performed correctly, it will take the Rusher(player)off his feet altogether.

Is A Pancake Block Illegal?

It is usually not called because the play is most likely not affected directly, but the “pancake” block engenders ill will and should not be tolerated. a pancake block is very legal.

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