What Can You Do With An OSHA Certification?

Juliet D'cruz

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What Can You Do With An OSHA Certification

Several workers die every year due to injuries at the workplace. However, most of these accidents are preventable by taking safety precautions. Therefore, many people take Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training to keep safe at work. Sometimes, people don’t know what to do after completing their OSHA training programs. That said, here is a guide on what you can do after acquiring your OSHA certificate.

What is OSHA Certification?

OSHA certification means that a company understands safety precautions and complies with OSHA standards. You need to have OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 as a requirement when looking for a job in various industries. Again, you need an online confined space certification to work in permit spaces.

Being OSHA certified means you have completed your training program. You must complete the OSHA Outreach Training Program course and get a completion card. 

What Certificate Programs Can You Get from OSHA?

OSHA offers certificate programs through universities and colleges. These programs provide high-quality training in various industries, including warehousing, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and factory operations. Some OSHA certificate programs include;

  • Safety and Health Specialist (SHS) – Construction Industry Concentration
  • Certified Safety and Health Specialist-Construction Emphasis
  • Certified Safety and Health Specialist-General Industry Emphasis
  • Industrial Hygiene Specialist
  • Specialist in Safety and Health Certificate-Level II
  • Certified Safety and Health Official Certificate-Level III
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Professional
  • Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) – Construction Industry
  • Specialist in Safety and Health (SHH) – Oil & Gas

What to do after Getting an OSHA Certificate

There are many benefits of having your OSHA certification. Several things you can do after completing your OSHA training program and acquiring certification.

Join a Safety Group

Safety groups focus on ensuring workplaces are safe for employees. These groups listen to employees’ complaints and take the proper measures to mitigate or prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace. In addition, they review the company’s practices to keep employees safe and determine if the workplace is safe for employees.

Therefore, if you have an online confined space certification, you can focus on looking into employees’ safety in confined spaces. Again, you can train workers to handle their jobs in enclosed spaces to avoid accidents and deaths.

Train Employees about Safety Hazards

Most employees experience fire, biological, or physical hazards at work due to a lack of knowledge. Sometimes, it’s because of ignorance and failure to practice safety measures. However, you can train them to be more careful when working and using equipment to avoid back and other permanent injuries.

If the company lacks a safety manual, you can talk to the manager to develop one to teach employees about safety hazards. Thus, everyone practices safety and knows what to do during an emergency.

Look for a New Job

Each industry requires employees to understand safety hazards at work. Thus, you can easily get a job by applying for positions at companies that need an OSHA-certified employee. With your certification, you can convince companies that you can work safely to avoid accidents that could cost the company. Again, with an online confined space certification, your employer can rest assured that you know how to work in enclosed spaces such as sewers and silos without supervision. 

Continue with Safety Education

Sometimes, your OSHA certification isn’t enough to work in larger companies. Hence, you can join other programs and learn about in-depth workplace safety, such as construction, mining, welding, storage, and oil and gas. The advantage of having a vast knowledge of safety hazards is that you can work with dangerous chemicals in confined spaces and various industries with precautions. In addition, you know what to do if you experience an emergency hazard at work. Furthermore, you help other employees to become better and become professionals in the future.

Bottom Line

An OSHA certification has many benefits because you understand workplace safety and can work with other professionals to build the nation with fewer accidents at workplace. Again, you can use your knowledge to educate employees about safety practices at work and avoid increased injuries and deaths. With many OSHA certificate programs, you can choose to learn one or more programs and use your expertise in workplaces and also educate the community.