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What are the Useful Features of a Stock Trading App? 

by Laxman
What are the Useful Features of a Stock Trading App? 

The popularity of Stock Trading Apps in the financial market is increasing rapidly. Technology has come as a saviour in this fast-paced life, where people don’t have enough time to spare for anything. Trading and Investment have become easier with the availability of numerous mobile applications. It has become accessible for people to invest at their fingertips. Many Stockbroker services offer exciting offers and open a Free Demat account. Trading apps provide a platform where people can analyse, gain knowledge and invest in stocks all at once. 

In the present era of globalisation, where people seek comfort and want to save time, and for doing trading at ease, platforms like trading apps come in handy. IIFL Markets is one of the best applications that allows users to open a Free Demat account with some of the best facilities. It provides an excellent holistic platform for traders/investors to start their investment journey. 

The IIFL Markets app has elaborate features. The app allows its customers to open a Free Demat account and easily invest in any type of securities in one place and analyse them together. 

All the benefits provided by the IIFL Market app are as follows:

  1. Free Guest user Login – There is a provision to log in to the IIFL Markets app as a free guest user and avail of the app’s benefits. It would only require the verification of your identity through an OTP. 
  2. Mpin based Login – The app gives you a 4-digit Mpin that secures your Demat and Trading account on the app. Through this pin, only you get access to your account. 
  3. Benefits on Demat account – If you open a Free Demat Account with IIFL Securities, you get the benefits of zero AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges) charges for the first year. There are minimal brokerage charges which are the preferred choice of any investor.
  4. In-depth analysis – The professionals at IIFL Securities provide their customers with in-depth analysis and research on the stocks and companies. That is why investors can make an intelligent decision easily by looking at the data & news provided by the app. 
  5.  Expert tips – They provide Stock tips to make wise investments. They give you access to over 500 stocks from NIFTY, Sensex, Bank Nifty, Mid Cap with complete financial analysis.
  6. Price Alerts – You will get price alerts in notifications on the fluctuation of markets. This feature is convenient to make a quick decision on the rise or fall of the stock price. It will alert you to alter your investment choices according to your needs.
  7. Customer Assistance – IIFL Securities provide 24/7 customer services through One Tap Support of ChatBOT technology. You can also connect with them through Email or Call.
  8. Holistic Trading – The whole trading process becomes less time-consuming and more efficient due to the app making it a smooth journey. 

The IIFL Market app is one of the best Stockbroker firms that provides investors to open a Free Demat account time saving and efficient platforms. It is trustworthy and gives a lot of comfort to its users.

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