What are the Items That May be Gifted as Corporate Gifts?

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What are the Items That May be Gifted as Corporate Gifts?

The criteria behind gifting are not just to show a good gesture. It is also done to promote the business through indirect mediums i.e. word of mouth and vision. The logo printed on the gift item is enough to generate curiosity among people to know more about the brand. This is a great strategy to expand the business. It may be used by startups with enough funding, thus starting their advertising journey. 

Gifts should be chosen based on the interests of the employees, their needs and availability. For instance, the monsoon season today calls for gots such as raincoats, promotion umbrellas, plastic mobile covers and many more.  

What are Promotional Gifts? 

Promotional gifts as the name suggests, are used to promote or advertise the brand through gift items. Such gifts either contain the logo or the name of the brand. It contains items such as a mug, t-shirt, pen stand, keychain, wall hangings and water bottles.  

Attires (Custom T-shirts, Blazer or Suit set) 

Gifting attires are always a good idea at a corporate gathering. There are several Multinationals that have the policy of matching blazers to be worn at business meetings. It has the logo of teh company visible on its front which helps in the marketing of the brand. 

Similarly, many local companies have adopted this strategy by providing a uniform with the brand name visible upfront. Promotional T-shirts are a great way to recognize the brand workers in a pool of many.  Listed below are some items that companies should note for promotional gifting to their employees. 

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The monsoon season is generally a tad tough for corporate workers. At this opportunity, saving the employees’ funds by gifting them customized promotional umbrellas could be of great advantage. The Umbrella is a universal standard that everyone carries during rainfall. 

However, customising it with your brand theme and logo could make your brand stand out among the other brands as it could generate interest among the passer-by groups. Therefore, the brand finds itself succeeding in the first step of grabbing the attention  

Tea/Coffee Mugs 

Tea and Coffee are the basic needs of almost every second individual today. the requirement for beverages ranges from once to more than four times a day for many. Hence, by gifting a mug, as a brand you recognize their soft point. also, a personalised mug could be a great advantage to this. Also, a personalized mug or a Kona coffee subscription could be a great type of gift as well.

A mug printed with the brand name at the bottom with stylish fonts could give your gift the much-needed promotional element. So when guests arrive at your employees’ homes and notice the logo on the mug, it would redirect the pathway to word-of-mouth marketing.  


The best option for your brand to make its way into your employees’ homes is a calendar. The start of the year should be viewed by brands as an opportunity to grab attention through promotional gifting and organizing events. 

In general, the start of a year is usually seen, beginning with changing the calendar. What better than a small gesture of a customised logo printed calendar for your employees. An aesthetic calendar with the brand name could definitely turn heads at every home. It becomes an investment in marketing that would go on year long. 


In this era where technology is easily accessible and marketing has become easier, the need for relevant marketing that would have an attention-seeking effect is necessary. In such a scenario, the gesture of gifting is a standout feature that could fulfil two needs at once. through customization, brands can fulfil the need for promotion as well as ensure that the gift has a personalized touch to generate sentimental interest. In fact, this could help in a more reasonable advertising strategy than investing thousands without any surety of lead generation. 

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