What Are Phone Interpreter Services and Should You Use Them?

Charlotte Miller

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Ever traveled to a foreign country, and spent your time among people who don’t speak your language, not understanding a word they’re saying? Can be quite uncomfortable, can’t it? Now, imagine doing business the same way. What an ordeal, huh? While people are certainly working on improving their English, and this is why, you should find a way to communicate in their languages as well.

When it comes to written communication, there’s a chance you’ll find a way to get your message across and to understand what the existing or potential client wants. You have the time to find the solution you need and you could wind up effectively communicating with those people even though you don’t really speak their language. Of course, there’s room for mistakes here as well, but you have far more chances of doing it right than when you’re actually required to speak, in real time.

What happens in such situations? Getting your message across will become impossible. Talking on the phone with some customers, clients and stakeholders, for example, will become a nightmare, and given that you can’t see each other, you’ll have even a harder time understanding what everyone is saying. Do you think that people will want to start or continue doing business with you if you can’t even communicate well?

Certainly not.That’s why introducing professionals to the entire process is a must. And, no, you don’t have a translator physically by your side at all times. It would actually be rather difficult, if not impossible, to find a person that can speak all the languages you need, meaning you’ll have to use professional services, but also meaning you’ll have to work with more people.  In short, you’ll need phone interpreter services.

Global business does speak English, though, but that doesn’t undermine the significance of these services: https://hbr.org/2012/05/global-business-speaks-english

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What Are Phone Interpreter Services?

Never heard of phone interpreting before? If not, then you must be wondering how it all works. Even if you have heard of it all before, chances are you’re not quite certain what the services entail and how they exactly work. So, let me explain.

When using phone interpreter services, you and the person you want to communicate with will get connected to a professional that speaks both of your languages. The professional will join the call and thus easily get everyone’s messages across, helping you understand each other and making sure that everyone is on the same page. Speaking to your customers has never been easier, has it?

With the introduction of phone interpreting services, speaking to your customers has definitely become much easier. As explained already, you don’t need to have a translator physically present at your offices so as to use these specific services. All you need to do is connect them to your call, and you’ll do that easily by partnering up with a company that can offer interpreting services in numerous languages and enjoy the conversation.

No matter which language it is that your clients or stakeholders are speaking, you’ll definitely get connected to the right professionals, as long as you previously find a great company that offers these specific services. And, no doubt you’ll do your best to find that amazing company you’ll want to work with. The process itself is extremely simple, as you might have concluded by now, so you won’t have a hard time using the actual service and thus facilitating over-the-phone communication with people speaking a different language.

Should You Use Them?

Realized exactly what this service entails? And yet, still wondering whether you should use it? Understanding at least some of its benefits will help make that particular decision. And, there are undeniably a lot of benefits to consider.

For starters, there’s the fact that you get remote interpretations, which I’ve mentioned a few times already, explaining you don’t need to have an interpreter physically present by your side. Then, when using the phone interpreter service, you won’t need to worry about your Internet connection and any other technical issues. You won’t even need a computer. The phone is enough.

Furthermore, when you find the right company, you’ll have interpreters ready to assist you 24/7, which is especially important if working with clients and customers that are in a different time zone. Connecting with them when it’s convenient for the both of you is important, and you’ll surely have a professional ready to do the interpreting for you at any time. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

Also, you can rest assured you’ll get connected to those pros that will have knowledge of the industry you’re in, which will guarantee the accuracy of the interpretations. And, if worried about sharing sensitive information, no need to. Confidentiality is a must, and when you find a reliable company, you can definitely be sure that none of your data will leak and that the conversation will be kept completely private. Another great reason why using these services to facilitate communication is a great idea.