Unleashing Athletes Optimal Performance

Charlotte Miller

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As a coach or personal trainer, it is no secret that you want to get the best out of your athletes to see them reach their full potential in training and talent. Still, while most training exercises are easy enough to implement, measure, and adjust according to the athlete’s ability, certain aspects are not as much. And this is where we are seeing technology come to the forefront of our lives and enhance our physical capabilities.

Irrespective of the sport your athletes participate in, strength training has become an integral part of optimal performance. No longer do we simply rely on the repetition of moves or skills for hours on end or manipulating techniques and equipment for better execution, but we have the tools to create a training program that is more efficient and effective.

For an athlete, strength training is essential to maintaining top physical form and ensuring you reduce and eliminate the risk of injuries to your players. For that, you need the right tools to get the job done.


VBT – Velocity Base Training


Velocity Based Training is a form of training that uses technology such as linear position transducers, wearable accelerometers, or even laser optic devices, all of which help to measure movement velocity during an exercise. As the data is recorded and instantly available to coaches through apps on phones or electronic devices, the coach can give specific feedback to the athlete based on their current performance statistics.

Only by using the best equipment on the market with the highest accuracy of measurements and analytics will you, as a coach or trainer, be able to give your athletes the most target-specific information necessary during their training sessions. We have found Vitruve to be the most accurate and reliable device for VBT on the market. With its integrated velocity-based training guide considered the best in the world, you can be sure your players and athletes will train to their optimal performance levels. All the while being portable and wireless.

Using the velocity-based training methods allows athletes to receive real-time feedback and for coaches to track their progress, thus pushing them to be the best versions of themselves, unleashing their true potential. Coaches will track and monitor specific exercises, and as the feedback comes in via the app linked to the device attached to the equipment like a barbell, they can manipulate training variables and offers feedback such as telling the athlete to be more explosive during the rep, or to lift the barbell quicker for increased movement velocity.

Therefore by measuring the intensity of the exercise through the linear encoder on the Vitruve device, coaches accurately track the velocity movement to ensure the execution of the exercise is achieved, but more so the training objective. If the velocity decreases, the training exercise should stop to maintain technique and performance while staying within the specific velocity range.


Transformational Technology


Velocity-based training can help enhance not only the first-step quickness of an athlete, but the recruitment of their type 2 muscle fibres, throwing and exit velocity, and on-pitch performance for optimal velocity in the game.

For coaches, personal trainers, and athletes alike, technology is the future of performance and has shown to be highly beneficial. If you are ready to take your training and athletes performance to the next level, then Vitruve is the solution you have been waiting for to get the job done, and here’s why;


Every athlete is competitive somehow and to a certain point, but more so with themselves. Tracking data and performance allows athletes to compete against themselves and their numbers daily. At the same time, coaches keep an eye on performance and techniques to either lower velocities to prevent injuries or stop when muscle fatigue is near.


With immediate and objective feedback on specific exercises, athletes can increase and maintain endurance during training with results received and recorded at that moment. The VBT data provides real-time feedback to track your athlete’s response to VBT and when they are nearing their threshold.


Seeing results motivates athletes to give their all during sessions. The numbers encourage them to increase their maximum power output to push themselves and their muscles to their full potential while maintaining safety.


At the end of the day


Training with maximal intended velocity for improved strength and more targeted weight-training regimes is why velocity-based training takes the world by storm, and athletes are unleashing their potential on and off the fields.

Using VBT with the Vitruve device and Ultimate Velocity Training Guide, your player’s results will speak for themselves. With precision data results in real-time, you can help athletes train for their true potential more effectively and efficiently. It’s a win-win all around.