Unique Ideas for Personalizing Your Wedding Day

Berry Mathew

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Unique Ideas for Personalizing Your Wedding Day

Ok, moment of honesty here. How many of you are sick of boring predictable weddings?

People get so wrapped up in planning what they think a wedding is supposed to be, and consequently miss a unique opportunity to inject a little pizazz – a little personality. Something fresh.

If you’re like, ‘Yes, me! Over here!’ we got you.

This piece is full of inspiration you’re free to use. The goal is to make your day memorable, special, and above all something that will make your guests say, “it’s perfect; it’s so them.”

Choose a theme

Are you and your partner equally passionate about something, such as movies or the outdoors? Whatever your thing is, why not incorporate it in the wedding – make it part of your theme?

If you both love nothing more than a music festival for example, you can draw inspiration from the best parts of that experience: swap the usual catering for a couple food trucks serving delicious cuisine. Hire a live band, and create ample space to dance and let loose… and of course, leave the worst parts (porta potties, overflowing garbage cans and $5 bottles of water) behind.

When following a theme, remember: it’s all in the details.

Be creative in how you incorporate them, play up the theme with the décor, including how your bridesmaids’ dress. Check out this impressive collection of dresses for inspo. Enjoy browsing, or use the search link on the site to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Have the wedding in a meaningful place

Perhaps it’s a sentimental location that houses some of your most precious memories, like your childhood home. Or maybe, it’s a clearing through a patch of trees. How about the library? Is there a place that’s significant that could host your special day, no matter how unconventional? From rose gardens to dive bars, the opportunities for unique locations to tie the knot are endless.

Mix it up 

Most weddings have the ceremony first, followed by the reception. However, there are no hard fast rules governing the order things need to be done. If you’d rather start with the reception, you can. Or, begin with cocktail hour. From there, usher guests in for the ceremony, followed by the reception. Your wedding, your rules.

Tell your story

What better way to personalize your wedding than incorporating the story of how you met? You can be as creative as you’d like. Weave it into the reception. 

Does anyone in the wedding party play a significant role; maybe they introduced you? Why not invite them to share that memory?

Or, dedicate each table at the reception to a different year, or unique experience you shared.

Create a big coffee table style book your guests can thumb through, showcasing the highlights of your time together.

Bottom line, there’s no shortage of ways to incorporate the story that led up to the big celebration.

Make it personal

Why not make your guests feel special too? Include a little personal note with their name tag, something that tickles you about them. A unique quality they possess that you love. Or jot down your favorite memory with that person.

After all, the joy of weddings is to share something special with the people who are special to you.

If there’s a guest you don’t know, for example they’re the date of a friend from college, let them know you’re looking forward to getting to spend time with them. Or, prompt them to ask your college friend about something – yes! Something embarrassing perhaps.

Choreograph your first dance

First dances can be sweet and tender. They can also be a slam dunk showstopper. If that’s more your speed, why not choreograph yours? Check out YouTube tutorials or take some classes. Pick a song, and prepare to impress your guests.

Can you think of a better, more fun and energetic way to get the party going than by crushing the moves from Grease, “You’re the One That I want?” Or if you prefer something edgier, that dance from Pulp Fiction?

Hire a live painter

If you really want a unique experience for your guests, plus a one-of-a-kind piece of art commemorating your special day, hire a live painter! Set up the artist; perhaps you want them to capture the ceremony, the reception, or both. Whichever you choose to have them bring to life, your guests can watch it all unfold. And bonus! You get the finished piece to hang on your wall.

Mad Libs marriage advice cards

Remember Mad Libs? How you used to laugh… Why not inject a little of that side splitting humor in the form of marriage advice Mad Libs cards? For those who don’t know, trust us. Mad Libs is guaranteed laughter with easy-to-follow instructions.

Have a memory wall honoring loved ones 

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows: the pain resurfaces with each monumental life event they’re no longer around to be a part of. By commemorating your loved ones on a memory wall, you get to honor them, include them, and feel their presence. 

Know that they are watching – smiling and celebrating with you from above.


We hope this got your creativity pinging, giving you both freedom and permission to celebrate your way.  We’re beyond excited, and know your wedding is going to be a reflection of you: gorgeous, fun, unique, and memorable.