Top Most Injured Body Parts In a Motorcycle Accident

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Top Most Injured Body Parts In a Motorcycle Accident

According to a Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety study, approximately 192 fatalities are associated with motorcycle accidents. This traffic data emphasizes the significance of road safety. Yet, some road accidents are inevitable. In such cases, various injuries could be sustained. The following is a comprehensive guide on what body parts are more vulnerable to injuries during a motorcycle accident.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are the most common in motorcycle accidents. This body part is among the most exposed, making it the most affected. For this reason, various institutions require motorists to wear helmets while riding motorcycles. Wearing a high-quality helmet will help mitigate injuries and fatalities.

Various head injuries suffice, from mild to severe. These injuries can cause emotional disabilities, mental complications, and physical damage. In extreme cases, the rider could die, especially if the skull is broken or fractured.

Regardless of the extent of the injury, you can place a personal injury claim through an attorney. You can learn more from these Macon motorycle accident lawyers. According to these attorneys, the average settlement offer for motorcycle accidents in Macon and Georgia is approximately $80000.

Head injuries significantly affect your general well-being. You could sustain a permanent impairment or chronic conditions. For instance, convulsions, headaches, slurred speech, and loss of coordination will likely suffice. All these are costly to rehabilitate, particularly when the damage is severe.

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Lower Extremities

Injuries to your lower extremities will suffice in any motorcycle accident. You can attribute this to the fall you’ll likely sustain during the accident. Besides, riders are exposed at all times. In this case, the injury could be to your knees, foot, ankle, or leg. The hip could also be significantly affected by this motorcycle accident.

Injuries sustained in your lower extremities might not be fatal. However, they are significantly painful. They could also result in the loss of limbs in extreme cases. Broken bones, fractures, and road rash are pretty common in such cases. The extent of the injury sustained will often depend on the impact.

Upper Extremities

Extreme exposure contributes to multiple injuries in your upper extremities. This region entails the upper part of your body, including arms, wrists, and hands. It extends from the shoulder to the fingers, including the pectoral girdle.

Often, motorcyclists are launched into the air during an accident. They will likely use their arms when bracing for a fall, a common reflex. Such a hard landing contributes to multiple injuries in your upper extremities, including broken arms and bones, torn rotator cuffs, and shoulder injuries. In some cases, you could sustain nerve damage.

You can minimize the impact on your upper extremities by wearing the proper attire. Often, it would be best to have high-quality gloves and suitable riding jackets. With sufficient protection, you will hardly suffer severe injuries.

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Chest and Thorax

A motorcycle accident could affect the thorax, one of the most sensitive body parts. This region houses your heart, lungs, ribs, and all critical body parts that form the upper trunk of your body. Usually, blunt forces from a head-on impact cause the most damage to this body part. Such forces cause internal bleeding, damaging vital internal body organs.

Significant forces targeted to the lungs could be fatal. Usually, once these lungs collapse and bruise, your chances of survival are slimmed. Surgical intervention might be necessary in some cases.

At the same time, your face and neck could be exposed to other injuries. The most common issue is whiplash, which is an injury to the soft tissue of your neck. You could also expect disfigurement and scarring in other cases.

Besides emotional trauma, various injuries are sustained in motorcycle accidents. While you can prevent some by dressing accordingly, some injuries might take a toll on you. Yet, with a good lawyer by your side, it will be easy to get suitable compensation in such cases.