The Top Ways to Grow Cannabis in Newmarket

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The Top Ways to Grow Cannabis in Newmarket

Growing cannabis at home is an excellent way to save money and gain more control over your product. If you live in Newmarket, Ontario, you are legally entitled to take advantage of the Canadian laws that allow you to grow cannabis for personal use. Now that more people are 

What are Your Options? 

If you haven’t tried growing cannabis before, you may find it challenging to decide on a method. After all, there’s more to gardening or horticulture than simply sticking a seed in the ground and waiting for it to blossom into a fully formed plant. You need to have some equipment and know-how if you want to guarantee the result you expect.  

Hydroponic Growing 

If you’re daunted by the prospect of trying out hydroponic growing for the first time, you can make the process easier by getting some help from professionals. Visit a local hydroponic store in Newmarket to find all the equipment you need in one place and ask for advice on starting your new system. When you see the potential for increased potency and yield that you’ll get with a hydroponic system, you’ll be happy you tried it out. 

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Outdoor Growing 

Growing any plant outdoors can be a gratifying pastime. Not only do you get to end up with a satisfying reward when it is time to reap the harvest you have sown, but the experience of gardening can be a highly meditative activity that helps to relieve stress from your life. The Newmarket area lends itself well to outdoor growing since many residential properties in the area contain ample private outdoor space, such as backyards, that provide excellent locations for gardening.

On the other side, outdoor gardening requires extensive planning and expertise if you want to ensure you’ll gain a plentiful yield from your crop. Another downside to growing cannabis outdoors in Newmarket is that you need to abide by the weather and the seasons. Given the cold winter weather in Canada, you will not be able to continually grow cannabis outdoors throughout the entire year. 

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Indoor Growing 

While most people who try out hydroponic growing tend to bring their setup inside, you can also grow cannabis indoors using the more traditional soil and put method. In either case, growing cannabis indoors will require a significant amount of equipment, such as led grow lights, ventilation systems, and a dedicated room or grow tent. 

Indoor cannabis growing offers many significant benefits, such as increased control over the growing environment and protection from pests, such as insects or diseases that can sometimes infiltrate cannabis plants when grown outdoors. 

While soil-based growing is an easier way for beginners to get practice at growing cannabis, a hydroponic growing system is the only way to get maximum control over the conditions of the growing environment, resulting in increased yield and potency. 

If you are interested in finding the best possible way to grow your cannabis to decrease the chance of significant problems while increasing your chance of a higher yield, visit a hydroponic store in Newmarket to get started on the ultimate crop.