The Rising Problem of Truck Accidents in Chicago: A Legal Perspective.

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The Rising Problem of Truck Accidents in Chicago: A Legal Perspective.

Truck accidents have greatly increased in recent times in Chicago. The statement is backed by recent statistics showing that Chicago sees nearly 11,741 truck-related accidents, out of which 1,814 caused serious injuries, and nearly 100 were fatal. These numbers are alarming for local authorities and residents, which is also why there has been a sharp increase in truck accident lawsuits in the state. 

When it comes to vehicle accidents and especially involving commercial vehicles, there are a lot of things involved. When a commercial vehicle gets into an accident, it is not only the driver who is held responsible, but the company is also dragged into it. There are also quite a few regulations when it comes to truck accidents, and these are better understood by commercial vehicle accident lawyers in Chicago, which is why it is best for victims to consult a lawyer immediately following a truck accident.

This article will give you a legal perspective on the rising problem of truck accidents in Chicago and legislation that could bring the number down. 

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Legal Violations 

One of the most common reasons for the rising problem of truck accidents is frequent legal violations. When it comes to the trucking industry, there are numerous legal obligations owed to both the trucking company and the driver. The truck’s weight, its size, and the weight of the cargo are all crucial factors when investigating a truck accident. 

Parties Involved 

Negligence from either party can also be a reason for the rise of the problem. A truck driver, when driving an empty truck with no load, is more reckless and negligent. This irresponsible behavior leads to serious accidents. Moreover, the drivers fail to highlight the blind sides of the truck properly, which makes it difficult for them to see the traffic in those spots. 

Driving Under Influence 

This is also prevalent in cities like Chicago and can lead to serious accidents. Young people are especially more negligent and think that a little alcohol in the system wouldn’t matter much, which isn’t the case. When on the road, you are responsible not only for your own safety but also others. Driving a truck under the influence has the potential to cause a massive pile-up on the highway which can prove fatal due to the size and momentum of the truck. 

Fault in the Vehicle 

Truck companies and drivers are responsible for keeping their vehicles in the best possible shape. Bi-annual and annual inspections are mandatory to ensure that the truck is fit enough to hit the road. In case a truck is involved in an accident, the first thing to check is the vehicle’s inspection report. In case a report is missing, or the truck has failed an inspection and is still being used by the company, this could land the company and the driver in serious legal trouble. 

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Traffic rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to heavy traffic vehicles. If a truck is involved in an accident and the driver is found to be over-speeding, this could lead to suspension of the driving license. Over-speeding with a heavy vehicle is more dangerous than LTV, and that is why responsibility is increased. 

Truck accidents are more tricky and legally difficult as compared to that any other vehicle. To start with, several parties are involved, from the trucking company to the driver, and in case the truck was leased out, the leaser will also be involved. The rising problem of truck accidents can only be improved by introducing firmer legislation and educating both truck and regular drivers about the hazards of reckless or distracted driving.