The Negativity Of Social Media

Juliet D'cruz

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Social media has been known to create a great deal of issues in recent times. With Facebook facing a lot of flak, there is no doubt that social media is in the media spotlight. Yet what needs to be understood is that maybe the blame should lie with the algorithms that govern these platforms. We know that when it comes to social media that the issue with regard to mental illness is a topic that has come to the fore. Augmented reality app design is a popular term that is a conversational point. The reason is obvious since the lines between the real world and the virtual world are blurred ever so much. But, this is an extensive topic that belongs in a different blog post altogether.

Facebook, as many people are assuming, are changing their name to meta because of the terrible publicity that they have garnered. Augmented reality is certainly a talking point but the entire world is not yet completely ready or fully on board. Despite all this publicity, the fact is that there needs to be a conversation surrounding the whole focus of social media. The latter was a phenomenon that was meant to connect people, but then high-profile incidents like Cambridge Analytica and Covid-19 misinformation led to a huge backlash. Additionally the newsfeed of Facebook along with Google search have been criticised for pushing negative information thereby promoting a filter bubble.

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Add to this body image issues brought on by the filtered perfection of Instagram and its coterie of influencers, there is a push back from many across the online world. While the powers that be are trying their best to help change the conversation on social media, this is not completely possible. The main reason for this is that the damage is done. We may be talking of Facebook and Instagram, but there is also Snapchat and Tik Tok that have caused a great deal of dysfunction. Leave alone social media, the fact that there are news reports which show how Amazon algorithms are indiscriminately firing people is a terrifying factor that must be dealt with. 

Consider mobile app design and how Apps are crafted perfectly when it comes to having an intuitive App. It is App design, which is part of the story when it comes to offering a great user experience. The truth is that Facebook and so many other Apps are putting out well-made interfaces since it is the user experience that matters a lot. What needs to be avoided is App churn and having inactive users. Having said that, what is really important is ensuring that you get rid of this nefarious aspect of pushing negativity to the world. It is also because of social media and a galaxy of so many Apps that iPad development is an important talking point, too.  

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