The Different Types of Auto Transport

Charlotte Miller

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Car shipping is one of the key aspects of moving vehicles across country borders, with costs depending on a variety of variables.

An efficient company should offer a simple and quick method to collect quotes. They should ask about the make and model of your vehicle as well as pickup and delivery locations and dates to provide accurate quotes.

Open Carrier Shipment

Open car shipping is the simplest and most affordable method of getting your vehicle where it needs to go. It involves transporting your vehicle on an open carrier trailer without walls or solid floors that can hold up to 10 vehicles at the same time. 

While on this carrier trailer, your car will be exposed to various weather elements including sunlight, rain, and snowfall as well as road elements like dirt and dust which may potentially cause damage, though this risk should remain minimal and unlikely. You can use a site like to help you determine the likelihood of inclement weather during your car’s trip.

Open carrier trucks are one of the most commonly seen forms of vehicles used to haul cars on highways and roadsides. Open air carriers tend to be much cheaper to run than enclosed car haulers and can often schedule pickup and delivery more efficiently. Furthermore, open carrier trailers tend to be lighter, which helps lower fuel costs.

Decisions on open versus enclosed transport depend on several factors, including your vehicle’s value, location, and distance of travel. Enclosed shipping should likely be considered the superior solution when transporting high-end or exotic cars over longer distances; otherwise an open air shipment should suffice for standard vehicles.

Enclosed Carrier Shipment

When it comes to long distance car shipping, many important decisions must be made. One is whether to choose open or enclosed carrier transport. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages – the right decision depends on your budget, timeline and vehicle type.

Enclosed car shipping may be more costly than open car shipping, but the extra protection offered by enclosed trailers makes the cost worthwhile for luxury or classic cars that need protection during transit. 

Enclosed trailers resemble large eighteen-wheelers in their appearance; you’ve probably seen these when travelling on the highway. These are the preferred shipping method when transporting luxury or high-end cars on highways.

Enclosed trailers offer numerous advantages over open ones, yet their main downside lies in their inability to accommodate as many vehicles at one time. Due to this limitation, enclosed trailers tend to be seen less on the roads than open ones.

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Door-to-Door Shipment

Door-to-door shipment can be an excellent solution for those seeking convenience and peace of mind, without incurring additional expenses for terminal-to-terminal transport. 

Shipping vehicles that won’t easily fit in containers requires special consideration when choosing this service; as some freight forwarders require you to pay upfront fees before they transport your item. 

Furthermore, it is advisable to research their reputation and BBB rating prior to making any decisions based solely on price alone. 

The cost of door-to-door shipping depends on several factors, including your car size and distance of shipment. Larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs typically cost more to ship than sedans and compacts. 

Also, door-to-door shipping takes more time than other methods so planning ahead is essential for an accurate estimate from your chosen company representative. Speaking to them will allow them to help determine which method would best meet your needs.

Expedited Shipment

If you need your vehicle shipped quickly, expedited shipment is one solution. This service involves more urgent pickup and delivery of your car; however, this option often costs more than standard shipping. 

When booking expedited shipping services it is important to select an accredited company with industry credentials, and numerous positive customer reviews. Be sure to check for the proper credentials; one of these is a USDOT number, which is given out from the US Department of Transportation.

Alternatively, online marketplaces allow users to post vehicle shipments and receive bids from different carriers before paying their driver when delivery occurs; hence the importance of planning ahead by having funds ready in case payment needs to be made when your car arrives.

Based on your route and type of transport, enclosed car shipping may be more suitable than open transport for protecting your vehicle during transit. 

No matter which option you select, professional auto shipping companies should have no trouble transporting it swiftly and safely. You can look for Roadrunner auto transport near me for more information. A reputable company should be able to guarantee your car arrives safely and on time. 

An expedited door to door service can be an ideal solution for people moving quickly who require their car transported quickly. This method offers much faster service than shipping your vehicle to a terminal and guarantees when and where your car will be collected and delivered.

No matter which method you decide on, be sure to research your chosen company thoroughly. Choosing a reputable company is a great way to make sure your car will arrive to your chosen destination on time.