The 5 Most Disappointing Breakfast Chain Restaurants

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The 5 Most Disappointing Breakfast Chain Restaurants

Going to a restaurant to get your breakfast? That may seem like a good idea, unless you’re gong to the wrong breakfast chain restaurant. If you really want to start your morning with a terrific breakfast, then these are the places you may want to avoid: 

1. Tim Horton’s

You have good coffee (which isn’t a given for many breakfast chain restaurants, surprisingly), and then you have plenty of breakfast sandwiches to pick from. On paper, visiting Tim Horton’s for breakfast makes perfect sense. 

But the problem here is that ever since Burger King took over the brand, Tim Horton’s prices have gone way up, even while the quality of their food and drinks have gone way down. Even Canadians, who have always been vocal supporters of the Tim Horton’s brand, aren’t all that supportive anymore. 

This is the basic problem, and it’s not going to be solved any time soon. The fact is that the best years of Tim Horton’s is in the past, and the future doesn’t bode all that well. There are simply too many better options for breakfast than going here. 

2. Denny’s

This restaurant would have quieted a few complainers if they’ve just let their Eggs in a Basket in the menu. But that’s gone now, and it’s just one more thing to complain about here at Denny’s. 

Of course, some people still hail the famed Grand Slam breakfast as the hero in its menu lineup. But for those with a more objective sense of fanhood, it’s an overrated item. You get 2 buttermilk pancakes, but they’re basically tasteless. You have 2 sausage links, and they’re quite tiny. You get 2 strips of bacon, and they’re greasy and limp. The only thing they get right is the pair of eggs. 

The rest of the breakfast menu at Denny’s aren’t all that much better, either. They’re all boring and blah, for the most part. These include the hash browns, toast, and Belgian waffles. It’s as if the cooks at Denny’s were replaced by dementors who were able to suck out all the fun and joy from all their breakfast items. 

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3. Baker’s Square

This brand is famous for their great pies. And who says you can’t eat pie for breakfast? That may no longer be trendy today, but pie for breakfast was common enough back in the late 1800s. The great pies here can really start your day right. 

So what’s wrong? The main problem is that their parent company (American Blue Ribbon Holdings) had to close down some of their restaurants when it emerged from bankruptcy in 2020. They even filed for bankruptcy before the pandemic, so Covid couldn’t really be blamed for this (though it sure didn’t help). Today, there are only about 11 Baker’s Squares locations, spread out over 5 states in the Midwest. 

Another probably reason for the bad business is that apart from the pies, there’s really nothing all that special about their all-day breakfast options. The best you can do is build your own breakfast, so you can get your eggs, bacon, and hash browns and supplement them with cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes, and some yogurt. 

4. The Original Pancake House

More than 25 states have the Original Pancake House within its borders, and the residents of those states should consider themselves lucky, right? After all, the OPH prices are reasonable and the servings are huge. 

But the texture and taste of their pancakes can really be disappointing. Regardless of the pancake version you get, somehow you end up with an overpowering taste of flour in your mouth. Add the chalky texture, and it’s a recipe for disaster. 

If you do have to visit OPH for breakfast, go with the crepes instead. At least you can avoid that awful floury taste. Try the Cherry Kijafa crepes, and it may not be all that bad. 

5. Marie Callender’s

This is another brand that’s famous for its pies. But the problem here is that it’s not easy to find one of their locations, since they’re only found in Nevada, Utah, and California. And if you’re just looking for their pies, you can find them in a lot of supermarkets in many states across the US. Yes, the fresh-baked pies taste better, but the supermarket pies are still cheaper and also easier to find. 

What if you’re not a “pie for breakfast” fan, or you want to add some more items for breakfast? The menu is filled with too many ho-hum options. You’ve got boring egg dishes and just average pancakes. 

Some say that the banana cream pancakes aren’t exactly boring, and they’re right. But that may be too much sugar to start off your morning properly. Others recommend the Big Country Smasher Skillet, but only the tater tots here are good (they add some interesting texture to the item). But the rest of it is just your boring combo of bacon, eggs, and cheese. 

Final Words

So, where should you go for breakfast? There are plenty of terrific alternatives. You can go to Waffle House, Cracker Barrel, and Perkins. Other options include Bob Evans (click here for the menu and prices), or even IHOP. These places can really get your day started right. 

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