Sonalika Tiger 30 DI: Features, Efficiency, Affordability 2023

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Sonalika Tiger 30 DI: Features, Efficiency, Affordability 2023

Sonalika is known for offering outstanding efficiency in its farm vehicles. This is why farmers across the country place a huge trust in the brand. Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is yet another tractor manufactured by the company that owns up to its legacy. Its modern features are worth the Sonalika Tiger tractor price India. Its fair price and excellent features make this tractor perfect for types of use. The engine is efficient and compatible with various farm applications. 

When it comes to tractors, Sonalika is a brand that has established a strong presence in the market. Among its many offerings, Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is a popular model that has been designed to cater to the needs of farmers nationwide. In this blog, we will discuss the efficiency, features and affordability of the Sonalika Tiger tractor price.

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI Features in India 2023

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI hosts a range of top-notch features, making this tractor model a reliable and efficient farm vehicle for farmers. Let us look at some of these high-performance features.

  1. Engine

The tractor is powered by a 30 HP, 3-cylinder engine, providing high torque at low RPMs. This results in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The fuel-efficient engine justifies the latest Sonalika tractor Tiger price. 

  1. Power Take-Off

The tractor comes with a 25 HP PTO that can be used to power a range of agricultural implements, such as a rotavator, mist blower and boom sprayer. You will find the Sonalika Tiger tractor price highly reasonable, considering it provides suitable power to the auxiliary equipment. 

  1. Transmission 

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI has a 12F+4R sliding mesh gearbox that is capable of smooth gear shifting. In addition, this transmission system facilitates efficient power transfer. This makes it easy for farmers to operate the tractor on rough terrains.

  1. Hydraulics

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that can lift up to 750 kg of weight. This makes it ideal for a range of farming activities on small farms, such as ploughing, spraying and seeding. This is why farmers are ready to pay the top Sonalika Tiger tractor price 2023. 

  1. Comfort 

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI provides maximum comfort to the farmer. This tractor model is equipped with a digital instrument cluster and a next-generation seat. Its easy-to-use controls ensure the farmer can work long hours without getting tired. The accessories that come with this model include a canopy, top link, ballast weight and bumper. 

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI Efficiency in India 2023

One of the key benefits of Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is its efficiency. This model has become the top choice of small and marginal farmers as it provides maximum output but consumes less fuel. Below is a list of factors that enhance the efficiency of Sonalika Tiger 30 DI.

  • Design: The design of Sonalika Tiger 30 DI has been optimized for improved efficiency. This tractor model is lightweight, due to which there is a minimum drag. This results in reduced fuel consumption. Get the top Sonalika tractor 30 hp to improve your farm productivity.
  • Hydraulics: With the help of its powerful hydraulic system, Sonalika Tiger 30 DI can easily lift heavy loads and attachments. It means farmers do not have to buy additional machines for different tasks. This also reduces fuel consumption as a single tractor performs all the key operations for farmers.
  • Transmission: The transmission system of Sonalika Tiger 30 DI has 12 forward + 4 reverse gear speeds along with a sliding mesh gearbox. This system is capable of transferring power efficiently. It permits the vehicle to maintain a consistent speed while minimal fuel is consumed.
  • PTO: The power take-off system of Sonalika Tiger 30 DI guarantees that the tractor functions with an assortment of compatible tractor implements with ease. Due to this, there is no need for separate power sources, which reduces the consumption of fuel.
  • Engine: Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is driven by a 30 HP engine that can easily provide high torque. The torque of 81 Nm is among the best in this category. Such high torque, even with 3 cylinders, shows the high efficiency of the tractor. The best thing is that it can also operate efficiently at low speeds. 

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI Affordability in India 2023

Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is considered a highly affordable tractor. Manufacturers price Sonalika Tiger tractor in India within a reasonable range. This tractor is able to meet the varying farm needs of farmers. You can go through the list below to take a closer look at factors that make the Sonalika Tiger GT 30 price affordable.

  • Price: The Sonalika Tiger tractor price is highly competitive. This is why small and marginal farmers can easily afford it.
  • Fuel Efficiency: As its engine is fuel-efficient, the total cost of operation is reduced for farmers. Thus, farmers do not feel that the Sonalika Tiger tractor price is high as it saves fuel costs significantly. 
  • Maintenance: Sonalika Tiger 30 DI does not demand high maintenance. Due to this, the total cost of ownership is reduced.
  • Resale Value: Sonalika is a brand that is popular for its substantial resale value. This means that the vehicle can retain its value over an extended period. This justifies paying the latest Sonalika Tiger tractor price.
  • Versatility: This tractor model can be employed for diverse farming activities. Farmers save money as they do not have to pay for additional equipment other than the Sonalika Tiger tractor price.

Why Buy Sonalika Tiger 30 DI in India 2023?

If you are seeking a powerful mini tractor that can operate on small farms and vineyards, Sonalika Tiger 30 DI is a perfect choice. In addition, the Sonalika Tiger tractor price has been set, keeping the financial strength of Indian farmers in mind. It is worth paying the Sonalika Tiger tractor price as you also get the assurance of the Sonalika brand. Thus, any maintenance or repair issue can be promptly resolved at its service centres spread across the country.