Sleeping in Bliss: Discover the Most Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleepers

Charlotte Miller

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Looking for the most comfortable mattress for side sleepers? It’s not just you: More than 60% of adults sleep on their sides, so even while personal tastes play a big role in mattress shopping, your preferred sleeping position should also be considered.

In light of this, we put 5 popular mattresses to the test, enlisting the aid of our side-sleeping experts to determine just how supportive and comfy they were. But first, let’s talk about the factors a side sleeper should consider while choosing a mattress before we get into our top Picks.

Side sleeper mattress considerations

Pressure Relief: Side sleepers should prioritize pressure-relieving mattresses. Look for foam layers or memory foam mattresses that conform to your body’s curves and relieve shoulder, hip, and knee pressure.

Firmness: Choose a medium-soft mattress. This maintains spinal alignment and prevents excessive sinking, which can cause pain. The natural curvature of your shoulders and hips can sink into a somewhat softer mattress.

Support: Side sleepers still need support. Look for mattresses that mix comfort and support with targeted support zones or layers like pocketed coils or high-density foam to correct your spine.

Edge Support: When sitting or sleeping close to the edge, consider mattresses with reinforced edges offering steady support. Particularly for those who want to sleep closer to the edge of the bed, this feature improves general usage and prevents feelings of roll-off.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

1. Layla Hybrid

On the Layla Hybrid mattress, in contrast to the vast majority of other mattresses currently available, you can sleep on either side of the bed. It has the texture of memory foam, which is light and airy and almost like cotton candy. The plush side is perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their sides, while the hard side can support any sleeping position.  

2. Saatva HD

It is purposely constructed to offer heavier sleepers the utmost support possible and substantial comfort. The supporting innerspring system of the Saatva HD is 25% more durable than the typical hybrid mattress, and it features a unique Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire designed to assist with providing support for the lower back. In the comfort layers, you can also find 5-zoned latex foam that provides even more tailored support.

3. Helix Sunset

The Helix Sunset is an excellent option for those who prefer to sleep on their sides and are in the market for a mattress that is both supportive and plush. It is a straightforward hybrid mattress construction with pocketed coils with reinforced edges for enhanced edge stability and two layers of comfort foam with a light, airy, and velvety feel. This gives the mattress a simple yet effective feel.

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4. Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe

Although the marketing language of many different products asserts that they have a mattress that can regulate temperature, only a few of these assertions are genuine. Enter Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Lux. It is a thick hybrid mattress developed with various channels of cooling technology and a plush, cozy feel that is ideal for sleepers who prefer to position themselves on their sides.

5. Nolah Original 10 mattress

It’s perfect for individuals under 230 pounds who want a foam mattress that won’t break the wallet. This mattress has a neutral foam feel with memory foam undertones but reacts to pressure more quickly than standard memory foam.