Reasons Why the Internet Is Important in Rural Areas?

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Reasons Why the Internet Is Important in Rural Areas?

The internet means access to higher and better opportunities for individuals that reside in remote towns and villages. Bringing the internet to remote areas and towns is a vital step for the country’s development. So, note that whether it is a small area in Delhi or Bangalore, WIFI connection in Delhi, and Bangalore, in those metro cities’ small areas are extremely crucial for the growth of the country. The internet brings several changes to the manner you work and live. It has made collaboration and communication easier and allows you to access anything and everything at a click. However, for many people in rural regions, the internet may be out of reach. 

One of the massive barriers that the online market witnesses is the infrastructure cost. It can be costly to lay down broadband cables in any remote region, and there are often zero mobile phone signals. This means people residing in rural regions are often cut off from the remaining world. However, there are various initiatives underway that promote the requirement to bring internet connection to rural regions. For instance, the PM Wani is an Indian initiative which has the goal of bringing massive-scale deployment of the WIFI hotspot across the country. Also, Google’s Project Loon is a project that works on the same line. If such projects are successful, it can mean that no matter where you reside, whether in rural or semi-rural areas, you will be able to go online and reap the internet benefits. 

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Why is the internet important?

The internet has instantly become a staple in all developed countries. However, many remote towns and villages still lack access to such luxury. There are various reasons why the internet must be brought to such areas. The internet offers people quick access to information. Today, people don’t rely on newspapers or television for news. They get real-time information and updates on what is happening around the globe. Additionally, the internet enables people to customize their choice of information. 

The next reason why access to the internet is crucial is that it permits greater communication. People in remote regions often have difficulty staying in touch with friends and family who reside far away. With the internet, they can easily connect via email, video chatting and social media.

The internet may boost economic growth in remote regions. By offering businesses a medium to reach out to new markets, the internet can assist in stimulating local economies. Also, it provides entrepreneurs with the instruments they require to begin and grow their organisations. Bringing the internet network to remote regions and towns can have a massive impact on the lives of people who lives there. The internet can open new doors of opportunities for people in rural areas. It can offer them access to education, information, and communication. 

What might the future hold?

The Internet in today’s era has become a staple that defines your daily life. We use this for school, work, entertainment, shopping and remaining connected with family and friends. For many, it is difficult to imagine a world without the internet. However, there still are parts of the globe where people reside without internet access. In remote towns and villages, inadequate internet services are still a prevalent problem.. 

However, things are changing today. An increasing number of people are getting access to the internet connection, even in remote regions. As mentioned above, there are various initiatives underway to bring the internet to such regions. Moreover, as broadbands continue to enhance, it is becoming simpler and affordable to connect even to the most remote regions. 

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What does it mean for the future?

This means that a greater number of people will have access to information and opportunities than ever before. This means that people residing in remote regions and towns can participate in global platforms. 

About PM – WANI initiative  

PM WIFI access network, which is abbreviated as the PM WANI, is an initiative that aims to bring forward huge-scale deployment of the WIFI hotspot across India. WIFI hotspots at local shops, stores, cafes, and many public places throughout India can simply be set up. There are zero registration and license fees for it, and companies can avail of the services from any internet service provider. 

PM WANI framework is a type of digital communication infrastructure that takes forward the aim of National Digital Communication, concentrated on forming a strong digital communication infrastructure. 

PM WANI framework constituents of the following – 

      PDOA (public data officer aggregator)

      PDO (public data office)

      App provider with the central registry

Having the potential to connect to an internet network with unlimited service plan is important for most rural communities. It allows them to purchase goods, products and services that might not be locally available, sell their goods to much bigger regions, and remotely connect with the healthcare services that earlier required several hours of driving. Research has revealed that internet broadband access has resulted in more new companies and businesses in the rural regions and a high amount of broadband adoption with enhanced household income as well as lower unemployed levels for the rural residents. 

Today the access level to the internet in rural areas has rapidly changed. More people today are using mobile internet features and services on their smartphones; wireless internet access on mobiles is almost universal in urban and rural regions, although most connections are not quick enough to mitigate the broadband definition. The rising reliance on mobile networks is changing how individuals use internet connections nowadays. 


It is most evident that internet connection tends to have a positive impact on remote regions. It can endow great access to education and information, connect individuals with one another and assist companies or businesses in evolving. If you are residing in the small town of Bangalore,  ask for the best broadband in Bangalore to make the most of the internet and eventually move ahead in your life digitally.