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It might not look like much at first glance, but this little gem is worth a thousand words. Rare carat reviews reveal what’s going on inside the diamonds you buy and how they’re graded.

For a brief history of diamond grading, read our full article on the history of diamond grading.Complete your diamond buying experience with Rare Carat USA new 2-year membership that helps you find the right diamond for you. Visit our members-only section and find the perfect diamond that is 100% genuine!

Your diamond is judged on several parameters including color, clarity, cut, and value. We reveal how diamonds from different sellers are graded, from no-name diamonds to GIA-certified gems.Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes and all have a few unique characteristics. We share some of the more famous cut and color characteristics and provide a visual guide on how to tell if a diamond is natural or man-made.

Many people purchase diamonds as an investment, not a necessity, but this is a mistake. They should treat their diamonds as an important part of their investment portfolio because a diamond purchased over time will become a reliable store of wealth. Investing in diamonds at the right time can generate significant returns, but you can also lose money if you buy a diamond at the wrong time.

Imagine a billion people all sharing one of these diamonds. If you could get your hands on the largest diamond in the world, you’d be set for life. Right now you’ll be lucky to find a thousand Rarecarat, Inc So what exactly is the largest diamond in the world? 

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$2 Billion Trillion Diamonds Purchased At Auction

Luxury goods, including the purchase of diamonds, are one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. To compete in this industry you have to be at the top of your game, and your diamond is a key component of that. Click here to find a luxury diamond watch that won’t break the bank.You will be presented with a choice of 3 diamonds, one diamond at a time. The last diamond will be tested on several criteria that are typical of diamonds of its kind. You will be able to receive a report on the results and rating of the test. Some of the questions you’ll want to ask are:

What are the cut, clarity, and carat of my diamond?

How does the diamond look?

What is the carat of my diamond?

How much value will my diamond fetch?

Do you have any sizes available in a lab setting?

What would you expect to pay for this diamond?

Would you be willing to sell your diamond to me?

Are you able to provide this diamond in retail at that price?

Click here to see a video and hear testimonials from other consumers who are satisfied with their diamonds.Check out a chart and view a list of the biggest diamonds in the world.Many of the biggest diamonds in the world are on display at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. To learn more about these massive gemstones, visit this Smithsonian link.

In 1983, a team of geologists made a startling discovery. As they probed into a Martian meteorite called NWA 7034, they discovered the fossilized remains of a living organism. The meteorite was found to be an interstellar parasite that has been on Mars for some time.

This giant diamond was found in Canada in 2012 and is listed on eBay for $50 million. It is 26.14 carats, has flawless clarity, and falls within the keys/carat/cut model. It’s definitely a rare gem, so be careful when buying! Click here to see our guide to diamond buying and more info on the discovery of this diamond.


Rubies are a form of pinkish-orange natural color. They are one of the easiest gemstones to identify because the majority of rubies come from the country of Tanzania in East Africa. Some of the other major gem producers are Sri Lanka, India, and Burma.In the history of gem collecting, rubies were called rubies of the kingdom.In the 1700s, a French jeweler named Paul Rust discovered that the red color of rubies came from impurities within the ruby plant. 

Are rubies a good investment? What’s their color and clarity? Find out here!

The average ruby’s color is between a light orange-yellow to a light red. The largest ruby is the Cascades Ruby, which measures 22.53 carats. For more information on the ruby type, color, and clarity, visit our guide to diamond investing.In 1979, a newly discovered emerald was called “The ruby of Saurashtra.” It was found in India in a mine called Meenakshi. This gem weighs 11.17 carats.

Unlike diamonds, emeralds are not a gemstone on their own but are mined alongside Rare Carat

 diamonds. The best-known emeralds come from India and Zambia. Click here for more information on emeralds.

So, What Do I Do with This Diamond?

Diamonds have many uses, and it’s easy to see why. Diamonds make excellent gemstones or jewelry. They can also be cut and polished into a multitude of gemstones, including diamonds. Diamonds are especially valued for their ability to store and transmit energy, and there are many alternative uses for these rare gems. For instance, the mineral cavorite (AKA double refractory carbide) is a brilliant material that is extremely strong and very heat resistant. It is used in the energy industry as an abrasive. Click here to learn more about this unique gemstone.

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