Notable Pros and Cons of Streaming Media

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Notable Pros and Cons of Streaming Media

It feels like it has not been that long since the inception of Netflix. The platform reshaped the way we consume media. Some people have predicted the imminent change, particularly with how traditional TV has been going on for a while.

Having said that, there are still plenty of people who are on the fence about trying streaming platforms. Naturally, streaming services have their pros and cons, and understanding them is a smart way to decide whether you should subscribe to one or more streaming platforms.


  • Content Variety

The first advantage of using streaming services is the content variety. And we are not talking just about movies and TV shows.

No, there are plenty of other types of content that you can enjoy. Animation, documentaries, and even sports events are streamed these days.

Streaming platforms are doing their best to attract more customers, and one of the best ways to do that is to create quality content. Be it original series or established IPs; consumers benefit a lot because they have so many options to choose from.

  • Great Entertainment

Entertainment value is another aspect that one should not underestimate. It seems pretty obvious, but missing the main purpose of a streaming site is quite easy.

If you are bored, it should not be too difficult to find a movie or a TV show to watch. You can try new stuff or go back to your old favorites depending on your mood. It is about making the most out of the entertainment available to you.

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  • Opportunities to Educate Yourself

Entertainment is not the only thing you can get from streaming services. If you want to learn something, the odds are that you can find a detailed series covering a topic. Sure, YouTube might yield better results, but if you are subscribed to a streaming site anyway, it makes sense to check what educational content is available.

  • Convenient Way to Consume Media

The convenience of getting media on the go is arguably the best benefit of streaming services, and it is the reason why such a thing exists in the first place.

You do not have to bother downloading media on your device or putting the disk into players. No, logging in to your account and using the search bar takes a moment. And when you find what you want, you can click and start watching.

  • Fewer Storage Problems on Your Devices

Continuing with the convenience point, streaming services also reduce problems related to storage on your device. Computers might have enough space to store large media files, but after checking your storage, you will notice that media files are consuming the most space. As for tablets and smartphones (streaming services usually have dedicated iOS and Android apps), do not expect to have more than a few large media files on these devices.

  • No Annoying Advertisements

Not needing to sit through ads is another significant benefit of streaming sites. As soon as you finish watching an episode, you can move to the next one right away. There are no interruptions while you are watching either. The experience is entirely different from what you might be used to on television.

  • Legal Media Consumption

The last pro to mention is the fact that you have a legal way to consume media and also support content creators, encouraging them to create more movies and TV shows. There is no need to bother with shady sites or torrenting when the content is available on streaming platforms.


  • Multiple Services Add Up Expense-Wise

These days, there are quite a few streaming services, and if you wish to watch everything you want, expect to pay quite a lot of money. Competition is great in terms of creative encouragement, but some consumers find it difficult to afford all the different streaming platforms.

  • Addiction Concerns

It is easy to fall into bad habits and spend time-consuming media rather than socializing with other people or doing other productive activities. Be wary of potentially getting addicted to watching too many movies and TV shows.

  • Geographical Restrictions

Sometimes, the content is not available. Geo-restrictions are a bit annoying, and it is common to use VPNs to overcome them. Virtual private networks are great, but they add up to the expenses as well.

  • Reliance on an Internet Connection

To watch movies or TV shows requires an internet connection if you want to consume media on streaming platforms. 

There are times when you are stuck in a location that has lackluster internet. Thus, it becomes difficult to use streaming platforms.

Similarly, you might be traveling, and the odds are that there will be no internet access, period. In such cases, you might turn to cellular data, but that would be quite expensive considering how much bandwidth streaming platforms consume, particularly when you watch high-quality media.

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