Navigating the Social Side of Ostomy: Dealing with Stigma and Finding Support

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Navigating the Social Side of Ostomy: Dealing with Stigma and Finding Support

Ostomy can be a very difficult situation for people living with it. This condition could be permanent and temporary depending on how serious it could be at that point. Research has shown that most of the people who suffer from that situation tend to have a poor social life. It affects their relationship with people, traveling, some might even get depressed. 

Do you think the stigma can be dealt with? Do you think people living with ostomy can still get support? In this article, you will find out how people with ostomy can deal with the stigma and find support. You can check out maximum support hybrid vertical belts for more information.

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How To Deal With Stigma

Have a better relationship with your medical team

This is one of the proven ways by which people living with ostomy can deal with stigma. If you don’t start from here then you might even find it difficult to relate with other people. Your medical team should be people you should talk to when you feel uneasy or when you want to shed off weight. They’d be readily available to attend to you and ensure you get better.

Know about personal health

Due to the fact that there is an opening in the abdominal region and then there is a whole lot going on around the bowel region, there is a need to know how to clean the ostomy pouch. By doing this , you prevent it from odor, infection and anything that would cause further discomfort. This way you’d feel even better because you do not have to deal with all those.

Seek counseling if necessary

Ostomy can be a situation leading to depression therefore, if you find yourself approaching this point then there is a need for you to visit a counselor.  A counselor will do well to find out therapeutic measures to ensure that you do not get into depression. Do not hesitate to speak when you are already having feelings to do insane things to yourself.

Do what you love best

By doing what you love best, you tend to take your mind off whatever might be the issue at that point in time. If you love to see movies or play games, or even chat with someone, just try to do it so that you don’t get to feel alone. By doing this, it comes with a personal feeling of acceptance. By accepting yourself, it is possible to escape depression faster.

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Open up to a loved one

Most times people living with ostomy tend to keep it to themselves which means they would have no one to call peradventure when a crisis occurs. It is best to open up to a loved one when you are in a situation like this. Do not keep it to yourself. You shouldn’t tell everyone but there should be a loved one who you can confide in.

Having known all of these things, it would be easier to cope living in a condition like this.