Minor cryptocurrency trading pairs

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How to make money on cryptocurrencies

Everyone involved in exchange transactions knows that trading pairs can be primary and consist of the most demanded (major) currencies or minor, including one or two minor currencies.

Experienced traders on platforms like bitcoin evolution, in addition to the primary (major) pairs, are sure to include several secondary ones in their portfolios. Such investment formation allows counting on bigger profit in case of correct strategy, because spreads of the second pairs are much bigger than spreads of the first pairs.

Which pairs are considered minor pairs in the cryptocurrency market

The same situation is in the cryptocurrency market. Among cryptocurrencies, there are popular ones such as bitcoin or altcoin and less popular ones. This article will introduce readers to some of the minor pairs, which include:

  • BTC – PM;
  • USDT – PM;
  • USDT20 – PM.

These are the main second pairs among cryptocurrencies. Pairs on the cryptocurrency market are formed as in the usual market – one currency is major (popular), the second refers to the less popular, minor.

Perfect Money – Bitcoin pair

Perfect Money is not a cryptocurrency, it is an electronic payment system. The creators of Perfect Money e-wallets were the first to pay attention to the prospects of cryptocurrencies and created wallets for them. These wallets can be used to store, receive, convert bitcoins, dollars, euros, gold.

The relevance of buying this pair can be seen at https://cryptex.net/trade/BTCPM. In fact, electronic payment systems have already become firmly entrenched in the life of civilization, so their decline is unlikely.

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USDT (Tether) refers to stabelcoins, meaning they are backed by fiat money (in this case, tied to the U.S. dollar). They were released in 2015 to provide the asset with a stable exchange rate, without the sudden surges common to cryptocurrency. The stability of the rate can be checked at any cryptocurrency exchange, because these resources store information for a long time. Anyone interested in this information can see it at: https://cryptex.net/trade/USDTPM.

USDT ERC20 – PM pair

Combination of USDT, token platform, pegged to fiat currency (US dollars) and Perfect Money electronic payment system is a promising pair, with which you can play both up and down. To see the fluctuations of this pair, visit https://cryptex.net/trade/USDT20PM. Including this pair in your portfolio will be a far-sighted decision, because cryptocurrencies themselves have already proven their high volatility. Using less volatile currencies can significantly reduce risks.


Minor pairs of cryptocurrencies and other currencies in exchange trading are a great chance to make good gains despite the higher risks. Players should remember that bitcoin used to be inexpensive, too, and they paid 1300 BTC for $1.

By including minor pairs in your investment portfolio, a trader can make good profits with a long-term investment or many small quick wins with short timeframes. You can play up or down, the high volatility of cryptocurrencies allows you to do both.

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