Items to Consider If Your Company Is Reorganizing

Juliet D'cruz

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Items to Consider If Your Company Is Reorganizing

In today’s economic world, companies face challenges in all industries. These economic challenges can include supply issues, increased costs due to inflation, or sales reductions due to market fluctuations. Every company ultimately reorganizes to account for profit and loss fluctuations. The company is trying to balance multiple items to cater to stakeholders and to remain in business. Employee salaries are the first place to start for cost reductions. Here are some things to consider if your company is preparing to reorganize and you think the plan impacts your job.

You Should Consider Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be a great avenue to put yourself in control of your future. A review of the news will show an increased number of people who have decided to be in charge. An example group is veterans. An increased number of veterans want to apply their developed leadership skills to running an organization. There are multiple veteran business loans to pursue to help achieve their dream of business ownership.

You Should Have Your Resume Updated

If you have decided not to pursue your own business and remain in the workforce, you must always have an updated resume available. If your company eliminates your position in an unfortunate situation, you may find yourself with various emotions, including anger, frustration, depression, and others. In this frame of mind, you are in no position to write a resume, cover letter, etc.

If you have a prepared resume always available, you will be able to send the resume at a moment’s notice. There could be good situations where you don’t lose your job, but bump into someone at a coffee shop, have a conversation about work, and this person asks for your resume because they are looking for people like you. This situation happens quite often, yet many people are unprepared to deliver a resume and are flustered trying to prepare one.

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You Should Reconnect With Your Business Contacts

If you have decided to pursue another job, you need a group of references to speak to your qualities. It would help if you tried to keep an ongoing relationship with your contacts. If you only reach out when you need something, they may hesitate to help. If you haven’t talked to a reference for many years and call after losing a job, they may question why you lost the job. 

Reaching out every once in a while to say hello and strengthen the relationship is something for you to consider. If you do have this rapport with a former colleague, it will enhance the chances of a solid reference. You may also find that they could help you find a better job through their network of work contacts.

You Should Consider Your Career Plan

When many people are looking for a new job, they only look for the perfect job. Sometimes this works, but you should have a career plan in place. It is excellent when you can leap to the ideal position, but sometimes you need to work at a couple more locations before this happens.

Whatever the future may bring for your company’s reorganization, you need to trust your instincts. Your decision may be to leave your company, or you may decide to ride out the current situation with the hope your job will be safe. In the end, your decision should be part of a larger plan for your career.

If your current job is a stepping stone to bigger things in your plan, only you know if the timing is right to leave. Otherwise, if you feel that you have taken your job as far as possible, maybe now is the time to take control and move. There is a lonely feeling when you are on the other side of the desk, with a person wishing you good luck with your position eliminated, and you aren’t sure what to do next.