Is it effective to use a hot water bottle during painful menstruation?

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Is it effective to use a hot water bottle during painful menstruation?

Menstrual cycles can be especially painful, as it can be difficult to maintain balance with personal and professional life.

Fortunately, there are many ways to alleviate this unique phase of the female cycle.

In the case of painful menstruation, the first thing that is advised is heat, in particular the use of a hot water bottle. What about its effectiveness now that painkillers have been developed?

A hot water bottle and moments of tranquility: a real remedy?

For thousands of years, women have been learning and using (new) rituals to calmly welcome their cycles. To relieve painful periods, there are many natural therapies.

Warming up is one of the first tips offered to us in unpleasant situations. Is the miracle of the hot water bottle a myth or a real grandmother’s treatment for painful periods?

Any source of heat helps to dilate the blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. As a consequence, it relaxes the muscles naturally. It is therefore one of the first home remedies to try when suffering from menstrual cramps. 

The blood arteries dilate, which relaxes the muscles of the uterus and stomach. During ovulation, it is best for the lower abdomen and lower back. Therefore, it is the most effective, fast and natural method to relieve painful menstruation.

So you can be sure that the hot water bottle promotes greater calmness.

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Which hot water bottle to choose?

For lasting comfort, the hot water bottle you choose is crucial. You have several options at your disposal to explore more relaxed settings.

The hot water bottle is the most frequently used. You have to choose a hot water bottle that you like and makes you feel good. There are numerous colors and shapes. Our favorite?

The bottle covers both the lower back and the belly. But be careful with the temperature, it should not exceed 40 degrees. Is there any advantage? It takes about 6 hours while the heat is distributed.

The clay hot water bag actually consists of clay-based compresses or poultices. It allows the heat to immediately penetrate the body. It works wonders on localized pain.

Are there any advantages? It is affordable, useful and natural.

If you don’t have a hot water bottle handy, a hot poultice can also be an excellent substitute. Apply it for an hour during your period and you will feel immediate relief.

So, are you convinced to use a hot water bottle?

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So, are you convinced to use a hot water bottle?

Another crucial aspect of pain management is prevention. There are several ways to live your cycle more effectively before, during, and after. Consider the baths in addition to the rules.

  • Prepare a solution of water, clay, thyme infusion, and witch hazel for a cold sitz bath. Mix well and let it settle for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • The warm foot bath involves dissolving mustard flour in warm water and then adding the solution to hot or even boiling water. Immerse your feet in the tub. It is utilized to prevent the aches that come with following the rules.
  • Use 4 drops of juniper, noble laurel, clary sage, or cypress essential oil in a hot bath. Stay in the bath for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Shut your eyes and relish.

Other natural remedies like Holief’s cramp cream with menthol can really help you if you have painful periods. You can use it during cramps and even a little after cramps. You should experiment to determine the periodicity of application that works best for you.

Furthermore, you can also use a hot water bottle to help you feel more relaxed and calm about this symptom. To feel as comfortable as possible, choose the hot water bottle that works best for you. There are many, so we are sure you will discover one that works for you.