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First impressions are important, and your introduction should be no more than 10% of your total word count. They should be able to tell whether or not your essay is going to be excellent within the first minute of reading it. The final two examples we’ll go through in this section are the most critical parts of an introduction. To make the essay more than simply a response to the question, you must make it clear to the reader what your stance is and how you intend to make your argument. Do you need essay writers, we can help you out.

A brief introduction to the topic

To help the reader get a sense of where they are in the area, it’s a good idea to begin your essay with a statement that establishes the subject and emphasis of your paper. Don’t be sucked in by the temptation to write a whole paragraph of nothing but background information, however.

Remember that it simply has to be a little bit broader, not universal. In other words, refrain from using phrases like “Since man was able to write, he has always…” or “In the whole area of nursing.” Instead, place the subject matter in a little larger context. Rather of beginning with a comprehensive statement about the subject, you may declare that your essay will concentrate on only one particular problem. An example of this is provided by way of an illustration: 

To be a successful nurse, you need to be able to speak clearly and compassionately with others. Communication is more than just being able to talk fluently and clearly; it also involves effective listening, the use of gesture, body language, and tone, and the capacity to modify language and message to specific settings (Adebe et al., 2016). (Smith & Jones, 2015).

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Key terms are defined.

Dictionary definitions aren’t necessary here; we can all visit with a few clicks. We employ a wide range of terms in academic writing that might have many meanings. You need to explain how you’re defining any terminology that might be confusing in regard to your essay’s subject matter. This is crucial for your reader, since it clarifies the context in which you’re using certain terms and helps to avoid ambiguity. Our professional writing services can help you out in your essays.

A case for your stance (road mapping)

Introduce your essay! That’s what an introduction is all about. That implies that you need to explain to the reader what your goal is and how you intend to get there.

As far as *SPOILER ALERTS* are concerned, this isn’t a detective storey in which the conclusion may be revealed. The reader will be irritated rather than satisfied by developing suspense. Outline the steps you took to arrive at your conclusion using your primary arguments. Although we don’t use the word “thesis statement” in the UK, it is still vital to mention in your introduction what the overarching argument of your essay will be. This may be found in American essay guidelines. To separate it from the mini-arguments you make in each paragraph, think of it as the “mega-argument.” Here’s one that demonstrates how to use them both in an introduction.

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