How To Use Instagram for Business Marketing?

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Instagram is one of the top social media platforms in the world. It has many features that are beneficial for big and small businesses. Instagram provides its users with loads of features, that can help businesses reach their full potential. 

Making videos to promote brands on Instagram is one thing every content creator does. Using the Instagram video editor, you can become a pro with advertising on Instagram. You need to choose from thousands of ad templates and make product videos or make Instagram videos with music to build a better connection with your followers. 

Having a good Instagram marketing strategy can maximise your digital footprint. There is a lot of information available online on how to use the platform, and following them will help you develop your brand effectively. Setting up a business account is the first and crucial step. Scan your profile and understand what needs to be done. Do creative things on Instagram like, make Instagram videos with music to attract more followers. 

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Here are ten eye-opening ways you can use Instagram for business marketing to achieve success:

  • Eye-catching videos– Instagram videos are one of the most popular contents users prefer to see in a post. The video should be made with the idea of grabbing the person’s attention and make them want to know more about the product. 

If you want to make instagram videos with music but don’t know how to do it then just follow these steps: 

Step 1: Shoot the video on Instagram or upload one from your camera and click on ‘your story’ on the top left corner of the Instagram app

Step 2: Select the file and upload it. 

Step 3: Add music to the video easily by first turning off the original video sound by clicking on the “sound” icon on the top menu. Click on “media” where you will find the music option. Easily search by genres or by artists and upload your favorite music to your video.

  •  Link in bio- Instagram offers its users the option to add a website link to their profile. Use a landing page if you have more than one link to showcase to your followers. Landing pages help you accumulate all of your links in one space. You can add your website, social media links, and any other site crucial to your business.
  • Geotag your posts- When posting pictures of your business’s physical location, adding a geotag to your post is crucial. Let your followers know exactly where you are located. Even if it is photos of other places, adding a geotag makes your post show up more people on the app. The geotag helps the customer see what you offer in the post below the geotag information.
  • Save posts- Businesses can use this feature to make a better content strategy. Instagram offers users the option to save posts; you can also sort them into a collection of your liking. Seeing what your competitors are doing and making a note of it can be beneficial. You can also save posts for future references and inspiration for your future posts. Find posts with good visuals, captions, and customer reviews? Save it. 
  • Highlight your work- When you look through someone’s profile, you can find the highlights the person has made of their stories below the bio. Instagram has this unique feature that lets its users make specific highlights of their stories to showcase on their profiles. You can have each highlight for different content. Add information about your business, highlights as per location, the products you offer, customer reviews, FAQs, etc. Edit the highlights as per your convenience and creative ideas.
  •  Make Guides- Guides are editorial article features that let you compile all your favourite posts in one place. Include photos from your feed and even other people’s feeds, whichever you like. Guides can be a way of recommending things to your followers; you can make a list of any topic. Give location recommendations, products catalog, behind the scenes, etc. Using this feature is not necessary, but it can be an excellent way to increase your social media presence.
  • Go Live- Celebrities and influencers are using this feature more and more every time. Instagram lets you go live with your followers and have a one-on-one with them. This feature enables you to connect with your audience on a personal level. Your followers get a notification when you go live, so they know when to interact with you. You can do tons of things on Instagram live, like have a Q&A, go behind the scenes of your business, showcase a product, and even interview someone as you can add another user to your live. Talking live to your customers can make them more appreciative of you and your brand.
  • Host giveaways- Giveaways are a great way to engage with your followers in helping you grow your account. Creating a great giveaway with your brand goodies can boost your followers’ numbers. You can ask people to follow your account, make comments, share the post to their stories and even save the post for them to win the giveaway. People love free stuff and will most definitely take part in your giveaways. Even though it is a good engagement strategy, do not make giveaways an everyday thing; more like a treat for your followers.
  • DM your followers- Instagram provides a private messaging feature for all its users. Followers can interact on a personal note with your brand. Check the ‘requests’ section to see all the messages sent to you. Interact with your followers and answer their queries and thank them for being a customer. People love when brands personally give an answer to them and are consistent. This can help build a solid and loyal community of followers for your brand.
  • Track your analytics- The best part about having a professional account on Instagram is getting insights into your account. The app provides an in-depth analytical report of your engagement and how the account is doing; knowing if your strategies are working or not is crucial. We have to understand what’s working and what’s not to take the next step in your content strategy. The insights can give you an idea of what time to post, what posts are working, what your audience is made up of, etc. You can use the organic insights provided by the app or use a third-party site or app to get more benefits. 

A business phone number is an incredibly useful tool for businesses even in the highly digital world of modern business. A vanity phone number can help businesses with marketing their phone number more effectively as these numbers are far easier to communicate to potential customers. For more information, consider this vanity phone number generator.

In case Instagram is not looking like your cup of tea, then you can always look at social media platform like Facebook that has got more than 2 billion active users. Boost up your Facebook page likes and you will be ready to do a great social media marketing. Facebook has been a stepping stone for many brands to do social media marketing and you can never ignore the quality this social media platform brings on the table usually.


Acquaint yourself well with Instagram, and you will reap its benefits. Businesses can drastically improve their marketing methods once they understand that social media is the key. The team of event photographers at Schmittat Photography for example, make extensive use of Instagram to not only promote their clients’ events and products, but also to raise awareness and online visibility for their own brand. This approach, combined with a coherent content marketing strategy with all these features to connect with your followers and get the most from Instagram.

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