How To Use GogoPDF To Repair Damaged PDF Files

Juliet D'cruz

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The Portable Document Format file or more commonly known as the PDF file is one of the most-used digital file formats. PDF files are really popular because, among all the other file formats, the PDF file format is the most reliable one. They are reliable because the content in a PDF file is presented in the exact same manner in which it was intended regardless of the platform or operating system that you are using. It will not distort the content of your file in any way. It is significantly more dependable compared to Word files which may display texts out of order if you open the file on a different platform or a different operating system than where it was originally created.

GogoPDF is a free web-based tool that allows users to view and modify PDF files. One of it’s more notable features is that it can repair pdf files. It can also be used to convert files, add password protection, and much more.

What Are Damaged PDF Files?

A PDF file is quite reliable, but there is still a risk of having your file become corrupted. A corrupted PDF file is one that has its files become inoperable or unusable.

Files can get corrupted or damaged for a variety of different reasons, but once it gets damaged it will surely negatively affect your file. You may encounter serious issues, such as missing or fragmented material. There are even some serious cases wherein you are not able to access your PDF file at all, rendering it completely useless.

But there is no need to worry that much because, with the help of GogoPDF, you might still be able to restore your file to its original state.

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4 Easy StepsTo Repair Damaged PDF Files Using GogoPDF

Disclaimer: It’s worth noting that there are two different kinds of recoveries, “Complete” and “Partial,” both of which differ significantly. It still depends on how badly your file has been corrupted or damaged. There is still a possibility that GogoPDF won’t be able to totally repair your damaged file.

Steps in recovering a PDF file using GogoPDF:

  1. Go to GogoPDF’s official website , and then pick the Repair PDF tool from the drop-down menu.Then from there, you need to upload the file you want to recover.
  2. After you have uploaded the file, the repair tool will automatically scan the file and do it’s best to restore it. All you have to do now is wait for the repairs to be completed.
  3. After the repair tool is done with restoring the damaged file, you will need to share the file either through email or through a link generated by GogoPDF.
  4. Finally, download the file as soon as possible since, for security reasons, the website will automatically destroy your file after one hour.

It’s easy as that, with the help of GogoPDF, users will easily be able to restore precious content or information that they might have lost if their PDF files were damaged or corrupted.

It doesn’t end there though. GogoPDF also has other different features and functions that can be incredibly helpful when dealing with PDF files.

Other Features of Gogo PDF

It Can Also Convert Different File Formats

One of the many things that GogoPDF can do is convert a PDF file into other different file formats like Word, Excel, or PPT. It can also do vice versa since it can also convert a Word File to PDF, an Excel file to PDF, and a PPT file to PDF. 

It Can Merge PDF Files

This feature allows users to combine or merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF file. Another cool thing about this is that the user is able to add additional PDF files to an already existing file series before actually merging it.

It Can Split PDF Files

GogoPDF can also be used to split a PDF file into smaller individual parts, it can also be used to only extract a specific part of the PDF that you want. 

It Is Easily Accessible

This browser-based tool is really convenient because it is not limited to being used on only one particular device. GogoPDF can be used by a wide array of different gadgets like smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets as long as they are capable of running a supported browser.

Key Takeaways

GoGoPDF is a secure and convenient online tool that offers a variety of useful features, including the ability to convert PDF files to various formats. But one of the most notable features of GogoPDF is that it can repair damaged PDF files, which can be really helpful for restoring important files.

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