How To Speed Up Laptop?

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If your laptop is running slow and hanging then you must find out the ways to fix it. Dealing with a slow laptop can be frustrating especially when you are in a meeting or with your client or doing some really important work. So, with that in mind, we are going to talk about how to speed up a laptop or computer in less than 5 minutes. 

But before let me take you with some of the possible reasons to help you out. Of course, don’t forget to type “do my homework” while you’re sorting out the issue with your laptop and be more free from studying. 

5 Ways To Speed Up Laptop In 2021

Depending on many different factors you might face a slow laptop speed. Below are the top 5 ways you can quickly boost your laptop speed.

Temporary Files 

These are the files that are created automatically whenever you modify or create a file. They take space in the hard drive and slow down the system.

How To Fix

Method 1 – Search for temporary files from the search bar and then click on ‘Delete Temporary File’. Now click on temporary files to delete all those files after it scans. 

Method 2 – Search for Run app and type %temp% and click on OK. Once opened select all those files and delete them to free up space.

Virus Attack 

Virus or malware is another possible reason that slows down laptop performance. 

How To Fix

Method 1 – Search for Virus & threat protection and click on Quick Scan. It will scan the whole system for any virus.

Method 2 – By using good antivirus software you can remove the virus and get protection from potential threats. 

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Use SSD Hard Drive

If you have an old laptop then there is a possibility that it is fitted with HDD drives. These use magnetic disks to store the data whereas the SSD is made up of flash memory chips. 

How To Fix

Check your laptop if it has empty M.2 slots that means you can easily install SSD in it. You can DIY or book a technician to do this. It’s your wish to use your old HDD as an external disk. This also helps to speed up the boot time of Windows 10 laptops. 

Low RAM 

It is temporary storage that stores the files and data before you save them on your laptop’s hard disk. But if the RAM of your system is low then it can’t store on it and make it slow. This can fix a slow computer or laptop very easily.  

How To Fix

Know the RAM of your laptop, right-click on the Computer icon from the desktop and click on properties. You will get the complete specifications of your system including the available RAM. 

Check how much additional RAM you can add and which type of RAM does your laptop supports. By installing the right type of RAM you can make the laptop faster than it was before. 

Remove Unwanted Programs

There are chances that your laptop is filled with loads of unnecessary heavy software and programs that you don’t use. These programs take unnecessary additional space on your laptop.

How To Fix

Go to Control Panel and click on Programs and then click on Programs and Features. You will see the complete list of applications and software installed on your laptop system. Uninstall all those software that you don’t use to release extra space. 

Keep The System Updated 

There is a possibility that you have skipped some of the updates and missing out on new drivers and security patches. It slows down your laptop’s performance as you are using the old driver and even unprotected from hackers. 

How To Fix

Search for the updates from the start menu, and if there is any available update then download them on your laptop. Once downloaded, your laptop will be restart to complete the installation process. 

Use System Optimization Software

System performance software optimizes the laptop and computer using some of the advanced techniques. They stop unwanted applications when the system starts, update with the latest drivers, and much more that we have seen in the IObit Advanced SystemCare review. You can use some of the best system laptop performance software available in the market.

How To Speed Up Laptop 2021 – FAQs

How do I make my laptop run faster?

To make your laptop performance faster you can add additional RAM, use SSD hard drives or check for any viruses. 

How to speed up laptops for gaming?

If your laptop is hanging while playing games then you must boost your laptop performance that we have discussed above. Increase RAM and graphic cards will help to run the games smoothly. 

How to speed up laptop windows 10?

If your laptop is running on Windows 10 then make sure you have all the latest updates and drivers. You can even run a performance troubleshooter to fix some of the possible reasons. 

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