How To Solve The Problem Of Duplicate Photos

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How To Solve The Problem Of Duplicate Photos

If there is any one problem that hurts most of the professional photographers and those involved in the field of content production is the issue of duplicate photos. The Internet is full of duplicate photos where the credits of the original photo taker is nowhere to be found. 

To solve this problem, reverse image search technology can be used. It Helps to locate images on the internet finding the sources where the image is used. So in this article, we attempt to find out a way forward to deal with the issue of duplicate photos. Our focus will remain on reverse image search.

Utilise reverse image search tools to gather evidence:

The first step in this regard is to gather evidence through reverse image search tools. This requires you to find some of the best tools available for this purpose. For instance, Copy Checker is available for reverse images for free. The tool requires you to add a picture and search for it through a given option. The tool will automatically analyse billions of images available in Google Images and give results with sources. From there, you can find images similar to the original ones and can visit the source. Plus, if there are matching pictures that are adapted from the original source, you can track them down as well.

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Send a message to the copycat:

The next step involves getting in touch with the plagiarizer with the help of a reverse image search. The sources you have found using the tool will enable you to get to the one using the duplicate picture. From there on, you are required to send them an email or a message asking them to turn down the picture. The email will list all the sources along with the original image. You will mention in the message your concern about the picture and ask them to use the original picture along with giving credit. You can also ask them to pay for your work if they want to continue using your work. 

Speak with the search engine:

If you are not receiving any response from the given sources, then the way out is to contact the search engine. Google enables you to ask for copyright infringement from its copyright infringement portal. You are required to upload the images along with an application showing complete details of the picture and where it has been used by someone else. Likewise, you shall also notify them of unfair use of the contents of the picture – in case the picture is duplicated. After this, Google will respond to your query. Mostly, websites are taken down for such queries. So be assured that your work will not go unrewarded.

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Take the case to the courts:

The last resort to getting due credit for your work is to take the matter to court. There are electronic laws formulated for such purposes in almost all states. In this step, you have to undertake a lot of procedures, like hiring a lawyer or preparing the case. After that, you have to pursue the case. This option works when you are disappointed by the above-mentioned.


The issue of duplicate pictures is critical. It needs to be solved. Therefore, a user can take a number of steps that involve contacting the source where the duplicate image is used. The steps include contacting the source, or the website or even the state machinery all can help to receive the due credit of your image.