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Understand the Economy:

In Path of Exile, the in-game economy is driven by player-to-player trading. Before diving into obtaining popular items, you should have a basic understanding of the game’s economy. Currency items like Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, and Mirrors of Kalandra are used as the primary means of trade. Knowing the relative values of these items and the items you want will help you navigate the economy effectively.

Farm Currency:

To obtain popular items, you’ll need currency to trade with other players. Currency items drop from monsters, chests, and other in-game activities. Common currency items include:

  • Chaos Orbs: These are the most versatile and commonly used currency items. They can be used to reroll modifiers on rare items or trade for other items.
  • Exalted Orbs: Highly valuable, used to add or reforge modifiers on rare items. They are often used to buy POE chaos orbs high-end equipment.
  • Divine Orbs: Used to reroll the values of explicit modifiers on items.
  • Jeweller’s Orbs: These are used to modify the number of sockets on an item.

Farming Maps:

Maps are endgame items that allow you to access higher-level content and increase your chances of acquiring valuable items. To get popular items, you need to be in maps that are suitable for your character’s level and capability. Delve into endgame content like Shaper and Elder influenced maps or Breachlords’ domains for a chance at valuable items.

Clearing Zones and Encounters:

Throughout the game, you will encounter various zones and specific bosses or encounters that can drop unique and valuable items. Some of these encounters include:

  • Atziri, Queen of the Vaal: Drops unique Vaal-themed items and valuable maps.
  • Elder and Shaper Guardians: Defeating these bosses and their guardians may yield rare items, including Shaper and Elder influenced items.
  • Breachlord Domains: These contain unique Breach items that are often sought after.

Divination Cards:

Divination cards are collectible items that can be exchanged for specific unique items when you have a full set. These cards can be farmed in specific areas or maps. Research which Divination cards are associated with the popular items you desire and focus your efforts on obtaining them.

Loot Filters:

Customizing your loot filter can be a game-changer. A good loot filter highlights valuable items and hides junk items, making it easier to focus on the items that matter. Many players use third-party filters like Neversink’s Loot Filter to optimize their gameplay.


Trading with other players is a primary way to obtain popular items. Websites like Path of Exile Trade and the in-game Trade Chat channel help facilitate trading. When trading, be sure to understand the value of the items you’re offering and the ones you want in return. Communication is key to successful trades.


Path of Exile offers a complex crafting system where you can modify items to suit your needs. Popular items are often crafted through various methods, such as:

  • Essence Crafting: Using Essences to guarantee certain modifiers on items.
  • Fossil Crafting: Applying fossils to items for specific modifiers.
  • Vaal Orb Corruption: Risky but potentially rewarding, Vaal Orbs can drastically alter an item, making it more powerful or rendering it useless.


Prophecies are a unique mechanic in POE orbs that can lead to specific item drops or encounters. Completing prophecy chains can yield valuable items and unique experiences. Always be on the lookout for prophecies that offer significant rewards.

Unique Bosses and Events:

Certain unique bosses and events in Path of Exile can drop powerful, sought-after items. These include:

  • The Pale Court: This is a high-end unique boss encounter that drops valuable items.
  • Ulab (Uber Labyrinth): Running the Uber Labyrinth can yield valuable enchantments for your items.

Syndicate Safehouses:

The Immortal Syndicate mechanics introduced in the Betrayal league offer valuable rewards, including powerful items,, scarabs, and crafting options. Investigate, manipulate, and defeat Syndicate members to unlock safehouses.

Leagues and Events:

Participating in the latest challenge leagues and special in-game events can grant you access to league-specific uniques and rewards. These items can be highly valuable during the league and in standard play.

Item Filters:

Utilizing an item filter is essential. It helps you see valuable items more clearly, making it easier to collect items that are popular in the market.

In summary, obtaining popular items in Path of Exile requires a combination of farming, trading, crafting, and understanding the game’s economy. It’s crucial to adapt your strategy based on the specific items you desire and the league you’re playing in. Keep in mind that PoE’s ever-evolving content and metagame may affect the popularity and value of items, so stay informed and adaptable in your approach to acquiring them.