How to Keep Your Team Talking as a Business Owner

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How to Keep Your Team Talking as a Business Owner

With the world advancing rapidly, the way we communicate has completely changed, even in the last five years. Now, the majority of people’s interactions are online, either through social media, email, or virtual communication platforms.

Customers now want to contact brands through social media or receive instant replies when they message customer support teams. Pair this with the increased number of employees who now work remotely, and it’s easy to see how essential it is now for businesses to embrace digital forms of communication.

How to Keep Your Employees in Regular Contact as a Business Owner

There’s no denying that virtual communication has impacted the way businesses work.

As a modern-day business owner, you need the right tools and technologies to improve your client base and keep your staff talking. This is particularly important if you have a lot of staff who work remotely and don’t come into the office.

So, how can you keep your staff talking? Give these top tips a go to bring your team together and inspire collaboration, even when your staff works in multiple locations.

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Create an open line of communication

When your staff works out of the office, it’s a lot harder to create an open line of communication across your whole team. However, once established, you’ll find it easy to maintain this free-flowing style of communication.

With an open line of communication, your staff will be able to share project updates and reach out for help if they need additional support in their roles. They’ll also feel more confident speaking up and offering new ideas if they know their voices will be heard.

You can create open lines of communication across multiple departments by using a great collaboration platform or software, like those offered as part of the ServiceNow Enterprise Customer Experience, that everybody is able to access from any location.

Host regular team meetings

An impressive 2500% more organizations began investing their time and resources into virtual team-building events during the pandemic. Although many businesses have returned to the office, the popularity of online events hasn’t died down.

Whether your staff is in the office or at home, it’s a great idea to invite them all for regular team meetings where they can come together with their colleagues and managers. During team meetings, you can discuss company goals and project or policy changes to keep your staff well-informed of important updates.

Gathering all of your staff members together in the same meeting (or on the same virtual call) inspires teamwork and collaboration, and prevents siloing. It’s an effective way to keep your staff in close contact, despite some working at home.

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Invest in an intranet platform

An intranet is an internal internet that you can create for your business to share confidential information with your employees.

With an intranet, you can share company-wide news and updates and create a safe space for your workers to collaborate. You can also add modules that enable your employees to view their wage slips, book paid holidays, and request flexible working arrangements through your intranet.