How to Hit Your Saving Targets

Berry Mathew

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How to Hit Your Saving Targets

Aiming to save for a specific end (be it a house or a holiday, or anything that you feel you want to work towards) is always so exciting in theory, but the reality of it can take a toll when the end result takes a while to arrive—leaving you to live your life with less money than normal. So, it stands to reason that you might like some help to guide you towards these objectives with a little more haste.

There might be no shortcuts when it comes to saving or earning money, but having ways to make this time slightly more efficient or bearable can go a long way in trying times. Here is a guide on how you can hit your savings targets.

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Take On Extra Work

The most straightforward way of hitting your targets more quickly might be to simply take on more work. This isn’t going to be easy if you already have a full-time job, but if your working situation is more flexible, you can look to freelance options to bridge the gap. A dedicated line of work that requires a lot of experience or qualifications might not be the easiest to quickly jump on board with, but finding shipping work by looking into jobs for shippers, for example, might provide you with a more reasonable alternative. 

Go On Cheap Social Outings

The struggle often comes when you turn your attention to social gatherings. These aren’t events that you will want to stop just because you’re saving money, and seeing your friends or family members can often be the highlight of your week. The goal, then, might be to try and make these as cheap as possible, instead of simply cutting them out. This might not sound fun to begin with, but getting creative with these limitations—for example by hosting movie nights or going out for picnics or cycle rides—can have you exploring social activities that you wouldn’t normally. 

Spend Your Weekends In

On the other side of the coin, you have the possibility of spending your weekends in your own company. Sometimes this won’t be out of your own volition (schedules don’t always align as you want them to) but it’s important to recognize the importance of enjoying your own company, and saving as much money as possible is a good opportunity to do so. You can do anything you like, with no pressure to please anyone other than you. Catching up on games, books, or TV shows, meditating, walking, engaging in hobbies—the world is your oyster.

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Use Low-Cost Ingredients

You still have to eat, though, and while you might recognize how making your own meals can help you to save a lot of money compared to getting takeouts or ready meals consistently (especially through making food in bulk), the cost of ingredients might still hamper you from making serious progress. 

While you shouldn’t force yourself to stoop to low-quality ingredients, it’s worth being aware of how low-cost and own-brand alternatives can still work together to make a delicious meal while saving you a lot of money along the way, which could be a habit you carry forward even when your saving targets have been hit.