How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360?

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Gaming is one of the most pleasurable sources of entertainment and consuming quality time and millions of players are used to be playing games globally on regular basis. The most popular platforms for playing marvelous games are such PlayStation, Xbox, Windows and Nintendo. Users who have been playing games on consoles like Xbox 360 often wonder if they can use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360 ? Visit here to get more information about How To Fit Laptop Screen To

You would be happy come to know that Xbox 360 can be connected to a laptop and using the screen of laptop as a monitor for enjoying all Xbox games on it. You do not have to be managing the LED / Big at home or can gather the friends in your room to enjoy the Xbox 360 by using the laptop’s screen.

Let start and discuss what procedure it takes to connect the Xbox 360 with the laptop and what resources should we have to make it possible.

How To Use A Laptop Screen As Monitor By Connecting it With Xbox 360 ?

Our readers do not have to be worried with the word “Resources” used earlier. It will not take much and anyone can easily manage the things.

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Use HDMI cable to connect the Xbox with laptop

HDMI cable is the easiest solution to establish the connection between Xbox 360 and a laptop. Mostly, buyer gets the HDMI cable with both Xbox and laptop; if you do not have it then has to buy. Now, follow the below steps.

Let’s assemble your Xbox 360 or any other gaming console, laptop and HDMI cable in one place. A laptop must be having HDMI input port and can accept it. If a laptop does not feature HDMI input, then you will not be able to establish the connection between two.

Once the input and output sides of HDMI have been inserted, the output side needs to insert into Xbox 360 and input will be inserted into laptop. Once the connection has been successfully established, Xbox 360 will start be transferring data to laptop’s screen through HDMI cable.

Before you start playing the game, it is necessary to restart the both devices means laptop and Xbox. Once both machines restarts its operations, laptop will start recognizing the all outputs coming from the Xbox or gaming console.

Now, you have to go to display settings and choose to Xbox display option. User can also choose the screen resolution and make adjustments which best fit into the laptop’s screen.

HDMI cable is all you want to get your Xbox connected with laptop, and then can use its screen as a monitor while playing Xbox games on it. If your laptop does not have HDMI input port or not having HDMI cable, then we can also suggest other ways to achieve the same.

How to connect Xbox with laptop without using HDMI

It is possible that having a laptop which comes without any HDMI input port, then the solution mentioned above is not going to be helpful for you. Therefore, one can try the same with different methods.

Ethernet Connection

Ethernet connection is useful in establishing the connection between two devices through wired LAN or WAN. If you want to use this technique, make sure having active Wi-Fi connection and Windows 10 operating system. Lets follow the below steps.

Create an account on your Xbox live, if you already have then sign in the account.

There will be a connection button on the left bottom side of the screen. Once you click that button, it will get the both devices connected on same network. Now, whichever game you will play on Xbox 360 will be sourced to the laptop and player can watch it on laptop screen.

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Download Xbox Official App

You need to make sure that have already downloaded the Xbox app on Windows 10, if not then you can download it now. It’s the home page on Xbox app where user can see the connection button on the left side, once you click the connect button and now choose the own gaming console to connect it with laptop.

Now, laptop will start be video sourcing every display which appears on Xbox first.

This Xbox app is only solution for connecting both devices without any wire. User needs to make sure that Windows 10 is installed on the laptop.

USB HDMI Adapter

This is a solution for those who have a laptop without HDMI input port; this USB HDMI adapter will enable you to get the same function through this. It will work as HDMI input port on your laptop. This is true that using video capture card will cause lagging issues and end result will not be as satisfactory as it should have been. But, it can fix the issue and enables the user to use laptop screen as monitor.

You can also try the same technique with other gaming consoles and then no need to manage the LED to play games with friends, rather only bring your laptop to get connected with Xbox 360.

We shared four useful techniques in the above and now you can choose the most suitable one.

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