How to deal with maths anxiety: tips for students 

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Mathematics is one of the most important academic subjects for students. Providing us the basic understanding of everyday life, finances, time, traveling, better performance in other academic subjects such as physics, economics, chemistry, accounts, and more career opportunities, mathematics knowledge helps learners in many ways.

But since maths is a subject full of applications, numbers, and formulas, many learners fear it. Maths anxiety has become a common problem with them but this affects their learning a lot. Let us discuss a few reasons behind students being stressed about maths and tips to overcome it.

Reasons behind maths anxiety 

  • Lack of practice

Maths is a subject full of numbers, figures, concepts, and applications. All these applicative portions can not be understood in a single day. Students who don’t practice maths every day, pile up huge chunks of the syllabus. Lack of everyday practice and solving questions, affect maths understanding which further makes students stressed.

  • Less attentive listening in classes

Maths classes are very important. Teachers make students understand the concepts in different and effective ways. The students who don’t listen actively and attentively in classes, don’t understand well. In self-studies as well, they can’t comprehend the lessons alone. This is another reason behind maths anxiety in learners.

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  • Calculation problems

Maths is all about calculations. Every question, equation, and problem sum is solved by addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The students who don’t have a good command of calculations tend to get incorrect answers and solutions. This makes students stressed about their maths skills.

How to deal with maths anxiety: tips for students 

  • Start with simpler questions

Math questions are of different types. From simpler, the questions move to complex ones. Many students directly move for solving complex questions and when they get incorrect answers or face difficulty in solving the questions, students feel discouraged. They feel that they won’t be able to understand and solve effectively which makes them feel stressed.

Instead of this, all students must start by solving the simpler questions. After finishing reading the lesson, solve the easier questions and examples first. Simple questions are easy to solve and this way students feel confident about their maths skills.  Gradually you can move to complex applications.

  • Study everyday

If you face maths anxiety, this tip can surely help to overcome this problem. One of the main reasons behind maths anxiety is that students don’t study on a regular basis, and lessons keep piling up which comes to be difficult to complete together. Larger chunks of maths lessons surely become difficult to complete and make one mind stressed.

Instead of this, all students must study every day in smaller portions. This way students can stay regular with all the mathematics chapters. Keep revising the topics that are finished in classes. Make lesson-wise math notes and solve the problem sums. This way, students can reduce their math stress.

  • Use technical learning aids 

Many students face maths anxiety because they don’t understand the concepts and applications well. If you face difficulty in understanding the maths lessons from textbooks, and guides, using technology can be of great help. With the growing advancements in science and technology, learning is no more limited to books. Several audiovisual aids are now available which students can access for better maths understanding. Students can use the best app for online teaching, to access maths educational videos, modules, picture cards, and other practice questions too.

  • Ask doubts 

To reduce maths anxiety and study better, all students must get their doubts cleared. If doubts are not cleared, it leads to confusion and misunderstanding of the concepts. This not only affects the performance in the present lesson but also the next ones because topics in maths are interlinked. But many students are afraid of asking doubts. They feel that they might get judged or scolded by the teacher. But this must be avoided. Teachers are there to teach and help only and therefore all students must get their doubts cleared in the classes.

  • Stay positive 

Yes, maths anxiety and stress are common with students. But overthinking, negative thoughts, and overstress can further affect your learning, physical health, and mental health too. To overcome this issue, all students must develop an optimistic mindset. With a positive approach, students can endure all the mathematical difficulties.


Anxiety and stress are always very harmful and affect the learning of the students. By following the above-mentioned tips students can overcome their maths stress and anxieties. These tips will help students to understand maths concepts and lessons well. Their overall mathematical skills will be improved to a great extent.

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