How to connect with your audience on Twitch in 4 easy steps

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How to connect with your audience on Twitch in 4 easy steps

Twitch is the prime platform for streamers and gamers around the world. Thousands of people stream a variety of content on it at any given time. However, many streamers struggle in their streaming careers, especially at the start. Many don’t know how to connect with their audience effectively.

This is crucial to succeeding as a streamer since your entire career is centered on audience interaction. You need to know how to connect with your viewers and make them feel special and wanted. There are a number of things you can do. We’ll be looking at some of them today.

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Engage Offline

Obviously engaging your viewers online is crucial, but connecting with them offline on different social media platforms is equally as important. You will be spending the majority of your time offline and the best way to reach out to your viewers during this time is via social media. You can offer different updates, share schedules, and just simply interact with your audience. However, not many will know where to follow. Make it easy for them to do so by creating twitch panels and putting them up on your streaming page. You can create these panels easily using PosterMyWall’s various Twitch panel templates.

Why use templates? Because they save the time and effort required to make these templates from scratch. They are especially useful for people who aren’t skilled at graphic design. Since the basic structure exists, you can simply modify and tweak it according to your needs. They are particularly helpful when you have to create multiple banners, since you can use templates to create several banners in a short amount of time.

Popular Vtuber and Twitch streamer Apricot uses Twitch banners to let her viewers know where to follow her off-stream. She creates the artwork herself, being a skilled artist, and uses them to link her social media accounts and donation pages. It makes it easy for her viewers to find these links and the artistic panels compel them to interact.

Interact With The Chat

The easiest way to connect with your viewers is by replying and interacting with your Twitch chat. Your audience will reply to you and comment in your streaming chat. Interacting with them and responding to their comments in your stream will help them feel wanted. It makes them feel like they are part of the experience instead of just watching someone over the internet.

Sometimes people will also tip or subscribe to you on Twitch. The platform will alert you to it via a notification. You must always thank them by name to make them feel wanted. Sometimes they will also send a message along with said donation or subscription, and you can simply respond to the message.

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Show Some Love To Your Lurkers

A majority of your viewer base will be made up of lurkers, people who don’t type and interact in chat. These are people who simply just tune into Twitch to watch their favorite streamers. In your effort to interact with your chat, these lurkers can often get ignored. To make them feel wanted, mention them every now and then. 

You may thank them for tuning in and show them some love. Chances are they will get inspired to actively interact in the chat. And even if they don’t, they’ll still want to return and at least watch your streams. Every view counts, so make the best of it.

Always Act Like You Have Thousands Watching

In your career, you may not always have the viewership you may possess at a given time, especially during the start. At certain points, you may experience a peak in viewers while at other times, you may only have a handful of people watching. Audience size can affect your energy and demeanor on stream, such that you will be more energetic with a bigger audience than with a smaller viewership. However, when you don’t have a bigger audience, it can affect your energy adversely. 

The key to connecting and engaging with them effectively is to treat both cases in a similar manner. Always have a high energy and interact with your viewers even if you have only one person. Treat your stream like you have thousands watching you. You may also want to make it easy for your viewers to interact with you off stream as the bigger streamers do with their audience. Use some Twitch panels which you can make with PosterMyWall’s twitch panel templates to make it easy for them to follow you on social media.

You will need to be patient in your Twitch streaming career because success won’t come overnight. You will have to put in the work over a long period of time and be consistent with it. The way you treat your audience is a big part of it, so make sure that you treat them well and make them feel wanted. Follow the advice above, and you’ll be successful.