How Much Is an EB5 Regional Center Fee?

Charlotte Miller

The EB5 Immigrant Investor Program is a popular pathway for individuals and their immediate families to obtain a United States green card. One option within this program is investing in an EB5 regional center project, which offers a more flexible approach to meeting the program’s requirements. Here is how an EB5 regional center may explain their fees and more information on the visa program:

Investment Amount

To qualify for the program, an investor must invest a minimum capital investment of $1.05 million. With the help of a regional center, you can invest in a targeted employment area (TEA). This can include rural areas or areas with higher unemployment. In TEAs, the minimum investment amount can be reduced to $800,000. It’s key to note that the actual investment amount may be higher depending on the project type and regional center you choose. An EB5 regional center may offer more projects in TEA areas than you can find on your own.

Regional Center Administration Fees

Each regional center may charge its own unique administrative fees. These fees can vary widely from one regional center to another, so take the time to research and compare centers’ costs. Some regional centers may charge a flat fee, while others may charge a percentage of the total investment amount. Typical administration fees can range from $30,000 to $60,000. Be sure to ask each regional center for a list of costs upfront. This can help you determine which regional center aligns best with your financial needs and goals.

Project Fees

Some regional centers may charge additional fees for the specific project you are investing in. These fees could cover marketing expenses, project management, or other project-related costs. The amount of these fees can vary significantly and should be carefully reviewed before beginning the project. You can hire an immigration attorney to make sure that the project fees your regional center charges are correct. Ask for a detailed list of project fees to make sure you are prepared for all additional costs.

Legal and Consulting Fees

You can use immigration attorneys and consultants to navigate the complex EB5 application process. These professionals can assist with document preparation, application submission, and general program guidance. Legal and consulting fees may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the reputation of the service provider. Some regional centers may offer in-house attorney services, and others may not. Ask each regional center whether they provide legal services at an additional fee.

I-526 and I-829 Filing Fees

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may charge a filing fee for the I-526 petition, which is the first step in the EB5 visa application process. Check the USCIS website for the most current fees, as they may change over time. The I-829 petition is the final step in the EB5 process, and it is used to remove the conditions from an investor’s green card. Be sure to verify the current fee on the USCIS website for this petition before your conditional residency period ends.

Due Diligence Costs

Before investing in an EB5 project, it is recommended to conduct thorough due diligence. This may involve hiring professionals to assess the project’s viability, review financial documents, and evaluate the regional center’s track record. Due diligence costs can vary depending on who you hire to do the research. You can reduce due diligence costs by working with a regional center that conducts thorough due diligence on each of its projects.

Invest With the Help of an EB5 Regional Center

An EB5 regional center fee combines several charges, like investment amounts, administrative fees, and legal fees. Choose a regional center that offers transparency with their fees. This can help you avoid unexpected costs and select a regional center that aligns with your financial goals. Contact a regional center today to learn more about their fees and services.