How Long Is A Decade?

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How Long Is A Decade?

The answer to your question of how long is a decade? Is 10 years. Yes, the period of 10 years is called a decade. Decade became a part of English vocabulary since 1590. The word decade is since then used to refer to ten years in a century. Let us tell you more about a decade and some more interesting things about it.

How Long Is A Decade?

A decade is 10 years long.

The word decade is used to symbolize 10 years period. It has enabled us to distinguish historical events very easily. This has helped us identify past events easily. For example, the 50s and 60s means 1950s and 1960s respectively

Also, the decades have a nickname that is derived from the events that occurred in that specific time duration. For example, the “roaring twenties” is for the 1920s where a lot of cultures changed and economic growth took place.

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Below are answers to some more questions related to the question decade is how long?

  • How long is decade in years?

A decade is of 10 years in a year

  • How long is decade in days?

A decade is 3650 days

  • How long is decade and a half?

A decade and a half is of 15 years

  • How long is decade in time?

A decade is 10 years in period 8760 hours

What Is A Decade?

The time duration of 10 years is called a decade. That means that a decade in the standard calendar is mentioned as the 1950s means the time period from 1990 to 1999.

In the Georgian calendar, a decade is used for different periods. That means in the Georgian calendar if you are mentioning the 1950s then it means the period between 1951 to 1960.

Why Is A Decade 10 Years Long?

The word decade comes from the Greek word ‘dekas’ which means a group of ten. The Romans used the word decade who use to syllable dec to simply identify 10 items in a group.  For example, decathlon and decagon these words describe the collection of 10 things. This way the word dec incorporated in the calendar showing 10 years.

Classification Of Decades

Other than historical events age can also be classified into decades. Below are the age classification and the specific decades for them.

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Some Other Terms Used In A Calendar

Apart from the decade, some more terms are used to signify a period. Here is a small list of them

Fortnight: 2 weeks

Biennium: 2 years

Triennium: 3 years

Quadrennium: 5 years

Lustrum: 5 years

Score: 20 years

Century: 100 years

Bicentennium: 200 years

Millennium: 1000 years

Megaannum: 1 million years

Galactic Year: approximately 230 million years (The time the solar system takes to rotate around the Milky Way )

Kalpa: 4.32 billion years (Kalpa means the time between creation and recreation of the universe)


How Long Are 20 Years Called?

20 years is called 2 decades

What Are 50 Years Called?

50 years is called as Quinquagenary

How Long Is A Century?

A Century is 100 years long

How Many Years In A Millennium?

There are 1000 years in a Millennium

How Long Are 10 Years Called?

10 years is called a decade.

How Long Is A 5 Decade?

There are 50 years in 5 decades.

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What’s A 100 Years Called?

A centennial. a period of 100 years; century.

What Is A 2000 Years Called?

millennium | time period | Britannica.

What Are 30 40 Year Olds Called?

Pew identified four generation groups for American adults: Millennials, currently between the ages of 18 and 34; Gen X, between the ages of 35 and 50; Baby Boomers, aged 51 to 69, and the Silent generation, between 70 and 87.


A decade is a word that we use to refer to for the time duration of 10 years. It helps us to classify and indicate the specific period easily. There are many different terms used for some specific period which makes it very easy for us to refer to a specific time. In the above article, we have brought you everything about how long is a decade?

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