How Documenting Evidence in Uber Accidents Can Help Your Case

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How Documenting Evidence in Uber Accidents Can Help Your Case

Ride-sharing services, such as Uber, have recently surged in popularity in cities like Phoenix and are now one of the most common modes of transportation for Americans.

However, in Phoenix, as usage increases, so does the number of accidents.

According to a study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, there is a correlation between the more significant use of ride-sharing services and a 3% increase in road fatalities.

In an accident involving an Uber vehicle in Phoenix, whether as a passenger or as an occupant of another car, it is critical to understand how these cases function and what types of coverage Uber may provide after the accident. A skilled Uber accident lawyer in Phoenix can help you get fair compensation.

Importance of Documenting Evidence in Uber Accidents

1. Ensuring Accurate Police Reports

Depending on the circumstances and the police officers on the accident scene, proper visual recording may help guarantee that the police report is exact and accurate, even for minor details that may prove you are not the negligent party at fault.

With smartphones, everyone should be able to properly document an occurrence, whether by recording a video of the entire scene or taking specific images that demonstrate evidence that aids your defense claim.

2. Providing Evidence in Court

Not all accidents are resolved in court, but if you are involved in a major accident, having photo/video proof to show in court may be all the judge needs to side with you.

This is especially crucial if your arguments in court disagree with what was recorded in the police report at the time of the accident.

3. Protecting Yourself from Insurance Fraud

Having photos on hand can help you determine liability for property damage claims and protect yourself from false lawsuits. Take photos from all perspectives to highlight the elements of the accident, such as:

  • The location of the incident 
  • Any skid marks or tire tracks left over from the accident 
  • Damage to your vehicle and any other property involved in the accident 
  • If feasible, move your car before transferring it to ensure that all damages are fully documented
  • Take photos from various angles (wide and close)
  • If you are wounded, take photos to prove your injuries and damage. Also, take pictures of the people involved in an accident, including a photo ID, which can be used for documentation
  • Lawyers encourage people injured at an auto accident site or those who go to the hospital after being involved in an incident to snap photos. This can help prove injuries and damages in the case of a false lawsuit or if the police do not help you appropriately

4. Preserving Evidence

Evidence goes missing more frequently than you might expect! That is why keeping the images and videos you take at an accident site is critical. Maintaining the time-stamped images or videos recorded on your phone or computer is critical in case the proof of your innocence disappears.

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You may be able to develop a case and make a claim against Uber’s insurance company or Uber itself if you are a passenger or a driver involved in an Uber accident. If you intend to seek compensation, you should get medical attention, file a police report, and take other necessary measures to build your case.

Uber’s insurance will typically cover the losses caused by an accident if it happens during the driver’s duty hours, such as when transferring a passenger or when actively using the Uber app.

If you need clarification on whether you have a solid case against Uber or an Uber driver after an accident, you should consult an experienced Uber accident lawyer. During a consultation, you can understand how an Uber accident attorney can assist you in recovering and determining whether Uber will compensate the damage caused by your accident.