How Do I Know if I am Hiring The Right Divorce Lawyer?

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Divorce lawyers vary in terms of the types of cases they take on, how much experience they have, how friendly or aggressive they are, and even how much they charge. This can make it difficult to decide which divorce lawyer is right for you. However, with the tips discussed in this article, you will be able to decide on the right divorce lawyer for your case. 

When looking for a divorce lawyer, you must find one that suits your personal needs. This will help ensure the smooth process of filing for the dissolution of the marriage. It is also important that you go for family law lawyers like Jensen Family Law in Mesa. This will help you relate better with your attorney and make the entire process a smooth one. Read on to discover other factors that make a right divorce lawyer.

Tips to Hire the Right Divorce Lawyer

Hiring the right divorce lawyer is a big decision. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the concept of divorce. Here are some tips to help you find the right lawyer for your needs:

Do Some Research

The best way to find a good divorce lawyer is to do your research and reach out to different lawyers who specialize in family law. Asking experienced friends and family members for recommendations is also a part of the research. 

Look Into The Credentials Of Potential Candidates

Checking the credentials of your potential divorce lawyer is not a bad idea. This way, you can verify whether or not they are qualified to handle your case and provide quality service throughout each phase of proceedings.

Ask for References

The right divorce lawyer will jump at the opportunity to provide you with their references, especially if they are in the same geographic area as you are. In case your attorney is located far away, ensure they can still provide you with an example of how they helped one of their clients in the past or give you the contact of a happy client they’ve helped.

Ensure Your Divorce Lawyer Has Experience Dealing With Issues Like Custody And Child Support Payments.

This will assure you that they possess the skills necessary to handle the case effectively during the divorce process. This is especially important if those issues are a crucial part of why you’re divorcing your spouse in the first place.

The Lawyer Should State His Fees Clearly Before Signing Any Agreement

Before you decide on the right lawyer, ensure there’s a clear agreement on the fees involved. The details of every cost should be written down for future reference. Also, ensure you ask questions when in doubt. However, consider the fact that there may be unforeseen circumstances during the case.

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Questions to Evaluate Your Divorce Lawyer With

Divorce cases can be a hard nut to crack, especially when you choose the wrong lawyer. Therefore, beyond following the tips above, it is also important to assess your potential divorce lawyer by asking the questions below. This will assure you that you’re hiring the right lawyer.

  • Does your lawyer communicate effectively?
  • Do they speak to you in simple terms? 
  • Do they give detailed responses? 
  • Do you understand where you come in?
  • Do they respond promptly to all your emails and phone calls? 
  • Do they make eye contact while speaking with you?
  • How many divorce cases has your lawyer handled successfully
  • What is your lawyer’s opinion on collaborative divorce? Collaborative divorce helps couples resolve their disputes faster, with less emotional stress and legal costs. If your lawyer thinks collaborative divorce is the right option for you, he will have an opinion about how it should be handled.
  • Does your lawyer have any connection with your spouse? It is crucial to choose a divorce lawyer who will work in your interest without any form of sentiment. Hence, in your own best interest, ensure your lawyer has no significant relationship with your spouse in any way.

If your lawyer can’t provide proof of success in divorce cases, it’s probably not worth hiring them. Ensure that your lawyer has handled a lot of cases successfully. The more successful cases they’ve had to work on, the higher the chances of success.

Although there are many divorce lawyers out there, the above tips will help you determine if you’re hiring the right one for you. A family law attorney will also be suitable for you in cases when you need to create an agreement regarding child custody and visitation rights.

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