How Can Craft Stores Cater to Adult Crafting Trends?

Juliet D'cruz

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How Can Craft Stores Cater to Adult Crafting Trends

A craft store is more than an organized collection of yarn, paints and other supplies. These stores inspire casual crafters and artists alike to do something creative and beautiful with their limited free time. Thinking of what that crafting experience might look like is key to boosting a craft store’s marketing and sales. As craft videos take over social media and captivate young adult audiences, it pays to be on top of the newest trends. 

How Can a Craft Store Capitalize on Crafting Trends?

Craft stores should browse social media and be aware of the latest viral craft sensations. Unfortunately, not every craft video on social media is likely to yield a good result. Craft stores can use their expertise to nudge fledgling craft enthusiasts towards beginner techniques that are easier and more reliable than the methods in heavily-edited videos.

Strong marketing is essential to convert craft-curious adults into loyal customers. A generic retail POS system doesn’t help with marketing or ecommerce, so savvy craft stores should upgrade to a multipurpose craft store POS system. These advanced systems can track customers and allow for text message marketing and email marketing. A small handful of promotional texts or emails per month can suggest trendy projects and keep a craft store firmly in local customers’ minds. 

What Are the Trendy Projects in Arts and Crafts Today?

Millennials were already firmly on the crafting train, but social media videos have introduced Gen Z to DIY projects and crafting as well. Craft stores catering to these trends can not only sell supplies but win new customers over with their expertise. Here are a few of the trendiest crafts to watch.

Wall Art

With rising costs across the board, many young people are unwilling to spend hundreds decorating their walls. Wall art DIY projects are the new way to add personal style to a starter home or apartment.

Minimalist styles are easier to recreate and decorate with than intense paintings. Masking tape and markers are popular shortcuts for those who are more interested in decorating on a budget than becoming skilled painters. Beginner fiber crafts are also popular as wall art, as they’re highly structured and produce a consistent result.

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Fiber Crafts

A well-stocked yarn cabinet is a must for any craft store, but alternative fiber crafts are having a moment. Cross-stitch patterns with offbeat sayings or subjects are a major trend online. Videos of the tufting process (weaving rugs) amass millions of views. Enormous chunky blankets are also popular online because of their visual impact and lower time investment relative to conventional-sized knitting. Stores should expand even a well-stocked fiber crafts section to keep up with current trends.

Miniature Origami

Origami videos have made this once-niche craft explode in popularity. Miniature origami pieces in small glass bottles are popular objects to sell at craft fairs. Stores should offer multiple sizes and finishes of paper in an origami display to capitalize on this trend.

DIY Candles and Soaps

Candle and soapmaking are in style not only for practical reasons but also for the soothing viral videos of cutting candles and soap. A section for soaps and candles with a variety of scent options is a smart investment for any craft store.

Crafts as Content

Many crafters enjoy the rush of sharing both their work and their process online. Social media has given crafters an incredible sense of community. Videos have brought hundreds of different crafting classes into the average person’s pocket.

Stores should feature local artists’ craft photos alongside their displays to tie into this appeal. Helping a customer visualize a good result is key to crafting sales. Featuring local artists has the extra benefit of boosting a store’s reputation in the community. 

Crafting as a Side Income

A major modern shift in crafting is thinking of crafts as a side income. Selling crafts online or at local fairs is easier than ever. Stores should sell packaging and marketing supplies such as custom candle packaging to crafters looking to start these small businesses. They can also suggest crafts that have a high return on investment.

Crafting is anything but old-fashioned. Social media trends are bringing back even the most obscure crafts, so craft stores need to keep a close eye on new developments.