How Blind People Dream: An Interesting Look Into The Minds Of People With Sight Issues

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Despite the common misconception that everyone sees in their dreams, people with blindness don’t actually see images. Instead, they feel things and hear sounds. The rest of us can use this knowledge to help us be more sensitive and understanding of a person who is blind when we meet them for the first time or have a conversation with them.

It’s important to note that most blind people do not dream every night because they simply don’t sleep as much as sighted people do on average, but it doesn’t mean that they never dream at all!

What are they dreaming about?

Take a look at the common dream you’ve had. Most likely, they contain the oddest items that don’t make much sense, ordinary situations that you encounter in your everyday life, or even embarrassing situations.

People who are blind often think about the same things vision-impaired people do. One study examined the dreams of blind adults for a period of two months, the total number of dreams was 372. The study has found evidence to suggest that the dreams of people who are blind are in a large way similar to those of sighted individuals but with some exceptions:

Blind people had less of a desire to dream about their personal successes or failures. Blind people are less likely to think of violent interactions. Certain blind people were said to fantasize about animals, especially those who serve them, and more often.

Blind people with vision impairments have had more frequent dreams about foods or meals.

Another conclusion from the study was that dreams contained an element of luck. Blind people who took part during the research dreamed of misfortune related to movement or travel approximately twice as often as those who were sighted. This suggests that dreams for people with blindness as well as people who are sighted may be a reflection of their daily lives, like worries about or issues in moving from one place to another location. 

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Do they have the ability to dream?

It’s not uncommon to be curious about whether different people have dreams. People who are sighted tend to dream very clearly. If you’re not blind, you may wonder whether blind people can also experience visionary dreams.

The theories on this subject vary However, it’s generally believed that both those who are born blind (congenital blindness) as well as those who go blind later in life experience lower levels of visual imagery during dreams as compared to those who aren’t blind.

Research indicates that people who are blind and have lost their vision before age 5 typically don’t have pictures in dreams. Based on this school theory, the more in life when a person loses sight the more likely they will keep having vision-related dreams.

Do they suffer from nightmares?

The people who are blind have nightmares as sighted individuals do. Actually, there are some studies that suggest that blind people may experience nightmares more often than people who are sighted. This is especially the case for people born blind.

Experts believe that this higher frequency of nightmares may be due to the reality that people who are blind are more likely to experience threatening events more frequently than those who are sighted. Imagine your nightmares. It’s likely that they’ll become more frequent (and stressful) while you’re experiencing lots of pressure or going through the prospect of a terrifying time.

People Who Went Blind Before Ages Five to Seven

The people who weren’t born blind but who went blind early in their childhood are likely to have more vivid dreams than those born blind however, they are less likely to experience the same as those who became blind later in their lives. Researchers believe that the more the person becomes blind greater the amount of visual information they encounter in their dreams.

Research studies classify blind individuals by age group. People who become blind between the ages of five and seven are more likely to experience full-bodied vision-related dreams. Individuals who weren’t born blind, but who went blind before the age of seven, may experience different levels of visual elements in their dreams, depending on how advanced their development was at the time they became blind.

People Who Went Blind After Ages Five to Seven

People who become blind after the age of five or seven usually tend to have vision-related dreams. But, they may not be able to experience as much dream content as fully sighted people. Similar to those who became blind earlier and those who were blind later typically experience other sensory elements becoming more prominent in their dreams to compensate for the lack of visual content. They also tend to feel more tactile or physical sensations as they sleep than people who are sighted do.

Things to remember

Only a few scientific studies have explored how blind people dream . These studies aren’t without limitations. First, they focused on small groups of people, generally less than 50. Dreams vary depending on the individual and even small studies may provide a general idea of what some people could dream, but not an exact outline of the meaning and images that may appear in every dream. Sleeping with weighted blankets can also help you sleep better.

It can be a challenge for people who are blind to accurately describe how they feel in their dreams, particularly if they have any experience with sight. In the end, the meaning of the dreams of a person who is blind will likely be similar to yours. The only difference is that they live their dreams differently.


Blind people dream just like sighted people do, according to a new study. The study found that blind people experience the same types of dreams as those who can see, and that their dreams are just as vivid and emotionally charged. Researchers say this finding could lead to new ways of helping blind people process visual information during sleep. 

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