Hiring A WordPress Developer – The Complete Guide

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Hiring A WordPress Developer - The Complete Guide

Globally, WordPress powers nearly 70% of websites for publishing and creating online content. With the booming WordPress popularity, you’ll have to put extra effort into hiring a dedicated WordPress developer who delivers optimistic results.

Hiring a professional WordPress developer can be tedious because, unlike other industries where talent shortage is a problem, WordPress experiences quite the opposite. There is HUGE popularity among WordPress developers; contrary to that, finding the right fit is challenging. 

So, how do you navigate the challenges while hiring a WordPress developer? Or how do you estimate the average WordPress developer salary? To help you answer these tough questions, we prepare this guide where we cover topics like:

  1. Who is a WordPress Developer?
  2. What does a WordPress Developer do?
  3. Top 5 reasons you Hire WordPress Developers
  4. Where and How to Hire a WordPress Developer?
  5. Tips on Hiring a Remote WordPress developer 
  6. FAQs 
  7. Wrapping up Hiring Remote WordPress Developers 

Let’s find out how to choose the best!

Who is a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer is a professional who assists in visualizing, designing, and creating a custom WordPress site. They are responsible for navigating different features and CMS plugins, fixing code errors, integrating with third-party applications, and improving the performance of your WordPress website that best suits your needs. 

However, WordPress developers must be familiar with programming languages, including Javascript, HTML and CSS, and web technologies. They must have expert knowledge on how to tailor a website to a business’s needs.

So, hiring managers make sure to delegate the resources and budget to hire someone with excellent knowledge of creating custom-made websites that fit your business needs. 

Let’s move further to explore the WordPress developer job responsibilities!

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What Does a WordPress Developer Do?

If you are searching to hire a dedicated WordPress developer, then you must identify the roles and WordPress developer job responsibilities you are looking for. You’ll need to create an attractive WordPress developer job description by mentioning what roles and responsibilities you are looking for as a WordPress developer. 

For example- If you are looking for a “WordPress Plugin Developer,” you might need to mention in your WordPress developer job description– “We are looking for someone who has mastered the art of WordPress plugin development and plugin customization. 

Here, we have listed the WordPress developer’s responsibilities and skills for you to comprehend their abilities.

WordPress Developer Job Responsibilities

  • Planning and creating the website look
  • Analyzing technical specifications of a project based on client inputs
  • Directing a team of developers
  • Maintaining project quality
  • Handling back-end tasks like database and server integration
  • Customizing WordPress themes and plugins
  • Testing and troubleshooting the website
  • Optimizing website performance
  • Ensuring website security and compliance
  • Collaborating with clients for website design and functionalities
  • Optimizing SEO and conversion rate 
  • Migrating a WordPress site to an existing site

Now that you know what WordPress developers do, it’s time to explore why you need to hire a dedicated WordPress developer

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring WordPress Developer

Data shows WordPress powers 43% of total websites. Despite this, WordPress offers several advantages, making it a popular and preferred choice for both WordPress experts and companies. Let’s witness that some-

1. Hiring WordPress developers to offer immediate tech solutions

WordPress has a dynamic landscape that requires WordPress developers to assist companies with the development process. They are responsible for end-to-end web development, from planning, designing, development, and implementation to maintenance.

Professional WordPress developers can utilize their expertise in technology to solve any problem with accuracy and efficiency. However, you can collectively save valuable time on fixing errors. 

2. Hiring a WordPress developer can give you control over customization

A fully-functional website for your business that targets the right typography will set you apart from the competition. A dedicated team of WordPress developers helps boost customer loyalty and ensure that your website gives the correct information about you and your business.

They offer detailed customization that meets your requirements and matches your business niche. Therefore, you should hire a WordPress developer who can tailor your website according to your brand strategy and business goals.

3. Hiring a WordPress developer assists in optimizing the pre-developed website

We all know that slow websites lead our customers to bounce to other websites. Improving website performance is one of the critical vital factors for your business growth.

Therefore, you must hire a WordPress developer who can efficiently optimize the speed of your website. They should have excellent knowledge of writing high-quality code and customizing plugins and best practices to enhance website performance.

4. Having a full-time WordPress developer ensures timely deadlines

A skilled WordPress developer will ensure timely project delivery. WordPress developers deliver robust, scalable, and professional website development within less time by focusing on quality work.

Hence, if you intend to hire a WordPress developer, ensure they are familiar with agile development methodology and other related technologies.

5. Hiring WordPress developer options are flexible

When you hire a WordPress developer, you will have several options. It’s based on your requirement, whether you want to pay your website developers hourly or monthly, depending on your budget and needs.

You can also hire full-time, part-time, or project-based WordPress developers based on the progress of your project. However, don’t forget to outline your business requirements before hiring a WordPress developer.

Where and How to Hire a WordPress Developer?

After knowing the benefits of hiring a WordPress developer, you might be wondering about the places where you can find a WordPress developer. We have enlisted the platforms where you can hire a WP developer based on your business requirements. 

Platforms to hire in-house WordPress developer

1. Indeed

This job listing site boasts over 5205+ WordPress job vacancies. However, The average salary for WordPress developers is $59K per year.

2. ZipRecruiter.com

It is a marketplace for 110M+ job seekers. The average WordPress developer salary is $54K per year.

3. Glassdoor.com

It empowers developers and boasts 1634+ WordPress jobs in the United States. The average WordPress developer’s salary is $76K per year, however, the senior WordPress developer’s salary may vary from platform to platform.

Platforms to hire remote WordPress developer 

1. Uplers

One of the front-runners for hiring a WordPress developer offers an easy hiring process and finds talent from the pool of 3.5% top talent.

2. WordPress jobs

It is an official WordPress job listing page providing easy access to top WP developers.

3. Smashing jobs

One of the popular job listing sites that boast over 4M+ users monthly.

Platforms to hire freelance WordPress developers 

1. Upwork

It offers access to developers with varying WordPress developer skills and experiences. You can post a WordPress developer job description on a site to browse and hire a freelance WordPress developer.

2. Freelancer.com

This large online marketplace offers access to all levels of freelancers. It also allows you to interview each freelancer to gauge WordPress developer skills.

3. Toptal

You can hire freelance WordPress developers from the top 3% of freelance talent and have easy hiring and pre-screening, and interview processes.

Best WordPress developer recruitment strategies

Here is the list of the recruitment processes that you should follow while hiring a WordPress developer-

1. Direct Advertising

Posting WordPress job descriptions on job posting sites is an excellent way to find the optimal talent. In this way, you can boost your brand awareness and the company’s reputation.

2. Recruitment Agency

You can hire a WordPress developer from a recruitment agency. This is a great option for companies that don’t have an internal HR resources team.

3. Talent Databases

Hiring a WordPress developer from a talent network like Uplers to get free from post and pre-hiring rituals. They also offer flexible payment solutions, five days easy hiring process, availability of 5+ time zones, and cost advantage of up to 40% on salaries. 

Tips on Hiring a Remote WordPress developer

After you ensure where to find a WordPress developer, it’s time to take care of things that you should consider when hiring a WordPress developer-

1. Freelancer Or Remote WordPress Developer

At first glance, figure out the need to hire a WordPress developer. If you have a short-term project, hire a freelance developer; however, if you are searching for a developer for a long-term project, then go for a remote WordPress developer. Make your decision based on cost, project range, job role, and value. 

2. Outline the Requirement

You must list all your website requirements before hiring a WordPress developer. Create a layout of your needs and requirements. You can create pointers around-

  • What is the appearance of your website?
  • What features will be added to your website?
  • What is the deadline for your project?
  • What is the goal of creating a website?

3. Know the Technical Expertise

While hiring a WordPress developer, you must assess the candidate thoroughly with technical expertise. Make sure to look for these things-

  • Know their WordPress development hourly rate 
  • Refer to their website reviews and testimonials to see what they offered to their previous clients.
  • Ask them questions about web development.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I look for when hiring a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer should have competence in PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. They should know how SEO works in website optimization.

2. How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?

If you hire a freelance WordPress developer, it is $32.54/hr; the right WordPress Developer’s Salary to hire a full-time WordPress developer is $57K to $150K/yr. However, WordPress developer salary may vary based on your project requirement. 

3. What WordPress developer skills do you need for a Website?

The list of skill sets you should look for while hiring a WordPress developer-

  • Programmation languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript.
  • Database management: SQL, MySQL.
  • Digital marketing and SEO.
  • Github and BitBucket.
  • Web design: UX, UI, site architecture.
  • Theme and plugin installation.
  • Plugin development.
  • Page builders: Elementor, Divi, Beaver.

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Wrapping up Hiring Remote WordPress Developers 

You should hire a WordPress developer if you want a custom website that includes API integrations, themes, plugins, and more. Dedicated WordPress developers are your best option for delivering advanced and reliable web solutions utilizing the platform’s functionalities. 

However, hiring a WordPress developer can be grueling if you don’t know the basics. In this guide, we covered all the WordPress-related things, from WordPress developer salaries to platforms for hiring a WordPress developer. We hope this guide helps you find a great WordPress developer who fits your need.