Hemp Made Legal: What You Should Know

Juliet D'cruz

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Hemp Made Legal: What You Should Know

Now that this plant is finally legal once again here in the United States, a lot of people have questions.  While the bill that enacted this happened all the way back in 2018, I find there are still plenty of misconceptions surrounding what it is and why it was illegal in the first place.

A lot of this comes from the simple fact that it comes from the cannabis plant, the same plant as marijuana.  Now, when using strains of this plant that contain high levels of THC, most people tend to experience a euphoric sensation known as a high.  However, hemp contains less than point nine percent THC, and so it does not elicit the same response.

So, today I will discuss with you what the fact that it is legal again means for everyone, especially farmers, and do a little bit of unpacking in terms of why it was ever banned at all.  The story is surprisingly deep and cruel, even, once you start to learn more.

Why Was it Made Illegal?

For anyone else who has done some research into this topic, you may already be aware that hemp was mostly a casualty in the fight against marijuana.  Now, you can read some of the details about that here: https://drugpolicy.org/blog/how-did-marijuana-become-illegal-first-place.  Just note that the story is indeed quite harrowing, so I would advise some reader discretion.

To sum it up, a big factor in why this plant was made illegal here in the United States was systemic racism.  In particular, many groups made outrageous claims that marijuana was a factor behind a few sexual assault incidents.  I will not say too much more here but visit that resource I mentioned to get some more facts on the situation.

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Why is it Legal Now?

This is a much lighter topic, thankfully.  A lot of the reasoning behind hemp in specific getting de-criminalized lies in economics.  This is especially true in the Midwest and the South here in the US.  You see, this plant has a ton of different uses, and that means that it can help to inject a lot of money into the agricultural sector of our economy.

Obviously, this meant that a lot of politicians we may not have expected ended up being in support of the Farm Bill that passed four years ago.  Now, plenty of brokers are around and able to utilize hemp, like thehempcollect.  In essence, it is a real boon financially speaking for the whole country.

What Does this Mean for Us, though?

You may be wondering why any of this really matters for most people.  After all, on the surface it might not appear like something that we need to worry about at all.  However, I would like to share with you why you should care, and why this is in fact quite a good thing for consumers, too!

Did you know that hemp has a lot of unique properties that make it an asset to humans?  Just one example is how good of a material it is for ropes and other items that require fibers.  It is one of the strongest natural ones in the world, so it certainly has that going for it.

That is not all, though, of course.  There are many other reasons that a lot of cultures across the globe utilize it.  The oil that comes from the seeds is one aspect of this that tends to get overlooked.  That is where we get “CBD” oil from, though.

CBD simply stands for a cannabidiol.   There are websites like this one that go over that in more detail if you are interested, though there is not a whole lot that many need to know besides that classification.  Many products contain this, and it is easier to cultivate now that hemp is legal again.

Some popular items are milk, cheese, and beauty products.  Some of my favorite moisturizers are made with hemp seed oil, in fact.  Often, they are emblazoned with a cannabis leaf to give you an idea of the ingredients contains, but do not worry – these products are not intended to get you high.

Plenty of serums also contain components from this plant, so I would recommend doing some further research on what might work for you in terms of pain management if that is something you are after.  Consider talking with your doctor as well, as in rare cases people do experience some negative side effects.  Thankfully, this does not occur very often at all.

Some of the most fascinating methods that people have figured out for utilizing hemp and the oil is in vegan food substitutes, in my opinion.  I did briefly mention it above, but I think it is valuable beyond face value, too!  You see, there is plenty of potential here for anyone who is suffering from lactose intolerance as well.

Personally, I am not a big fan of many of the other lactose substitutes, so that is probably why I was so excited to learn about this.  Of course, that is not the only positive here, but I did want to highlight it!

Take some time and explore the options out there if anything that I have mentioned piqued your interest!  Thankfully, the internet has opened up a ton of different options for using it in different items and personal recipes as well, so there is always more to learn!

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