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The “King of Rock and Roll” was crazy about this watch, and the rest followed. More popularly known as the “Elvis Watch,” the Hamilton Ventura watch refuses to be average. It’s extraordinary, unique, and unconventional.

If you’re looking for an iconic watch with a fusion of vintage and futuristic fashion, then Hamilton Ventura meets the mark. The central vision of Hamilton Ventura is to create timepieces that are modern and futuristic but still have that tinge of rustic fashion, which is quite challenging to pull off – but this brand made that happen. 

This iconic watch has a V-shaped case tailored to Elvis Presley, making their tandem a match made in heaven. It also epitomized its status as a revolutionary and iconic futuristic watch. 

Elvis Presley and Hamilton Ventura

The King of Rock and Roll was a watch collector or enthusiast, but Hamilton Ventura was certainly his perfect match. In many events, Elvis Presley wore the Hamilton Ventura, but its most iconic appearance was in his movie Blue Hawaii in 1961. 

The Hamilton Ventura watch has this unconventional and casual-looking shape. Unlike other watches that are either round, square, or oval, this peculiar watch has the form of a shield. It’s certainly over the top, which is very much like the personality and charm of Elvis Presley. You might even think the Hamiton was designed for the King of Rock and Roll himself.

One of the first electrically engineered watches globally, the Hamilton Ventura is innovative and bold in its fashion sense. Hamilton was the first company that produced the first electric watch called Hamilton Electric 500. Hamilton Ventura, released in 1957, had the same internal processor and design that make use of electromagnets and batteries as the Hamilton Electric 500. Stylish modern watches that we know today may have been patterned after the Hamilton Ventura.

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Hamilton Ventura Features

We start the roundup with the famous Elvis80, which was released in 2015 in commemoration of the King of Rock and Roll’s 80th birthday. This also launched XXL versions of the watch. This version bears the most resemblance to the original 1957 version that he wore during the early days. The only difference is that the earlier version is gold while the modern version is silver stainless steel.

This modern version also has this gorgeous pitch black dial details right underneath the markers and stainless steel hands, providing that striking appeal. 

Hamilton Ventura Quartz

If you like it plain and simple, this is the Ventura version you’re looking for. While it can be too monotonous for some, its clean and crisp finish makes that subtle difference. Its clean and classic dial design gives this watch that extra oomph.

This version is different from the Ventura designs that sport the usual open dial design because this one is more straightforward. It has that no-frills type of design, making it easy to use, especially for those who find the original version too loud and complex. 

Hamilton Ventura Dial

It’s a simple and practical design that is easy on the eye. It has this Hamilton signature design with that triangular pattern that you can spot right in the middle. It’s not as outrageous as other watches though.

V-Shaped Case

The most eye-catching element of the Ventura is its V-shaped case which makes it look very similar to the original version, with just a minimal change seen in the crown area. 


It’s not dubbed as the Elvis watch for nothing. The wings make the Hamilton Ventura a standout when pitted against other watches. It’s not just practical and functional, but it also boosts the unique design element of this watch. 

Outlandish Elvis Watch 

If you are looking for a unique eye-popping watch, this is it. Hamilton Ventura snatches attention everywhere you go. For people who have outlandish fashion taste, this would complete your wardrobe. 

The Hamilton fits both men and women because it has a mini version designed for ladies. You can gift this to your partner as this can be ordered as couple watches.

The Missing Element?

The only element missing here is that it doesn’t have a sapphire crystal on top of the watch. It has a mineral crystal instead, which isn’t scratch-proof. 

Most expensive watches have this de-facto sapphire crystal. While it may be missing on this model, the higher versions of Venture have the sapphire crystal on them. 

The Hamilton Venture is powered by ETA’s quartz movement, which is very straightforward, durable, and can last for a maximum of 3 years before you would need to change the batteries. They also have versions with automatic movement and are also made water-resistant. 

Conclusion – Is This the Watch for You?

Are you looking for something unorthodox? Hamilton Ventura is your go-to watch for this. It has this unique and distinct shape to covet, mainly because it’s linked to the King of Rock and Roll. 

Elvis fans would want to get their hands on the Hamilton Ventura watch, which is priced at a range of $600 to $900. It’s a winner in aesthetics, so the Hamilton Ventura wins the popular vote if you want to stand out among the crowd. 

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