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Starting fresh on Instagram? You should know that you will become popular if more and more people follow you. For a fresher, it’s not an easy job. So how can you become popular? 

The days of buying followers or using bots are over. These may boost your followers for a very short time. In the long run, you need to concentrate on the real ways to get followers on Instagram instantly through organic ways. In this article, we will go through different ways by which you can increase your followers in a “real” real way.

Define your target audience 

First of all, you should have the idea in your mind who you are trying to reach. How old are they? Where do they work? Where do they live? What are their challenges and their pain points? And most important, when do they use Instagram?  When you have these questions in your mind and you know the answers it will be easy for you to reach your audience. You will create content that will compel them to follow you and this way you will get free Instagram likes and followers.

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Craft more compelling captions

Most of the people follow accounts on Instagram because they want to engage in some shape, form. It means you have to inject some creativity in your Instagram captions.

Here are some examples which will help you to gain attention through your caption

  • Personal stories
  • Recommendation Requests
  • Question-based posts 
  • Tag -a- friend posts
  • Photo-sharing posts

These sorts of captions will help you to gain attention. From questions to senses of humor, you can increase traffic on your Instagram profile and get real likes and free Instagram followers by crafting your captions.

Try emoji:

Emojis can attract viewers and are a reliable way of getting attention from your audience. Visual effects of your posts will greatly help you get traffic on your profile.

Leave a question:

Leaving a question is a good technique to attract the audience to your post. The audience will answer your question, and this will increase the traffic. Your account will be visible to more and more people and this way you will get followers on Instagram instantly.

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